Fedora 21 Update: js-CodeMirror-4.0.3-4.fc21

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Sat Nov 1 17:03:06 UTC 2014

Fedora Update Notification
2014-10-16 01:06:13

Name        : js-CodeMirror
Product     : Fedora 21
Version     : 4.0.3
Release     : 4.fc21
URL         : http://codemirror.net
Summary     : In-browser code editor
Description :
CodeMirror is a versatile text editor implemented in JavaScript for the
browser.  It is specialized for editing code, and comes with a number of
language modes and addons that implement more advanced editing

A rich programming API and a CSS theming system are available for
customizing CodeMirror to fit your application, and extending it with
new functionality.

Update Information:

This update fixes a lot of bugs found during Jenkins Test Day event.

- Fix JENKINS_HOME ownership (Resolves: rhbz#1147846) 
- Do not inform about upstream core updates (Resolves: rhbz#1147897)
- Move webroot to %%{webroot}
- Own directory for core plugins
- Make jenkins-cli.jar available for download (Resolves: rhbz#1147831)
- Make slave.jar available for download (Resolves: rhbz#1147978)
- Exclude unneeded slf4j binding (Resolves: rhbz#1147875)
- Fix "Incorrect plugin version to downgrade" bug (Resolves: rhbz#1147908)
- Fix "RPM plugin uninstallation is not persistent" (Resolves: rhbz#1147902)
- Fix "No such adjunct found: org.kohsuke.stapler.codemirror.theme.default" (Resolves: rhbz#1147894)

  [ 1 ] Bug #1147894 - jenkins: No such adjunct found: org.kohsuke.stapler.codemirror.theme.default
  [ 2 ] Bug #1147908 - jenkins: Incorrect plugin version to downgrade
  [ 3 ] Bug #1147875 - jenkins: Multiple slf4j bindings on classpath
  [ 4 ] Bug #1147902 - jenkins: RPM plugin uninstallation is not persistent
  [ 5 ] Bug #1147978 - Can not create jenkins slave
  [ 6 ] Bug #1147846 - jenkins: jenkins-webapp installs files owned by root instead of jenkins user
  [ 7 ] Bug #1147897 - jenkins: Checks upstream updates
  [ 8 ] Bug #1147831 - jenkins: ERROR 500: Server Error when accessing http://localhost:8080/jnlpJars/{jenkins-cli,slave}.jar

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use
su -c 'yum update js-CodeMirror' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

All packages are signed with the Fedora Project GPG key.  More details on the
GPG keys used by the Fedora Project can be found at

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