Fedora 21 Update: python-testtools-1.1.0-1.fc21

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Mon Sep 29 04:05:51 UTC 2014

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2014-09-24 15:28:07

Name        : python-testtools
Product     : Fedora 21
Version     : 1.1.0
Release     : 1.fc21
URL         : https://launchpad.net/testtools
Summary     : Extensions to the Python unit testing framework
Description :
testtools is a set of extensions to the Python standard library's unit testing

Update Information:

Release notes for python-testtools 0.9.36:

Welcome to our long overdue 0.9.36 release, which improves compatibility with Python3.4, adds assert_that, a function for using matchers without TestCase objects, and finally will error if you try to use setUp or tearDown twice - since that invariably leads to bad things of one sort or another happening.

- Error if ``setUp`` or ``tearDown`` are called twice.  (Robert Collins, #882884)
- Make testtools compatible with the ``unittest.expectedFailure`` decorator in Python 3.4. (Thomi Richards)

- Introduce the assert_that function, which allows matchers to be used independent of testtools.TestCase. (Daniel Watkins, #1243834)

Release notes for python-testtools 0.9.37:

Minor improvements to correctness.

- ``stdout`` is now correctly honoured on ``run.TestProgram`` - before the runner objects would be created with no stdout parameter. If construction fails, the previous parameter list is attempted, permitting compatibility with Runner classes that don't accept stdout as a parameter.  (Robert Collins)
- The ``ExtendedToStreamDecorator`` now handles content objects with one less packet - the last packet of the source content is sent with EOF set rather than an empty packet with EOF set being sent after the last packet of the source content. (Robert Collins)

Release notes for python-testtools 0.9.38:

Bug fixes for test importing.

- Discovery import error detection wasn't implemented for python 2.6 (the 'discover' module). (Robert Collins)
- Discovery now executes load_tests (if present) in __init__ in all packages.  (Robert Collins, http://bugs.python.org/issue16662)

Release notes for python-testtools 0.9.39:

Brown paper bag release - 0.9.38 was broken for some users, _jython_aware_splitext was not defined entirely compatibly.  (Robert Collins, #https://github.com/testing-cabal/testtools/issues/100)

Release notes for python-testtools 1.0.0:

Long overdue, we've adopted a backwards compatibility statement and recognized that we have plenty of users depending on our behaviour - calling our version 1.0.0 is a recognition of that.

- Fix a long-standing bug where tearDown and cleanUps would not be called if the test run was interrupted.  This should fix leaking external resources from interrupted tests.  (Robert Collins, #1364188)
- Fix a long-standing bug where calling sys.exit(0) from within a test would cause the test suite to exit with 0, without reporting a failure of that test.  We still allow the test suite to be exited (since catching higher order exceptions requires exceptional circumstances) but we now call a last-resort handler on the TestCase, resulting in an error being reported for the test.  (Robert Collins, #1364188)
- Fix an issue where tests skipped with the ``skip``* family of decorators would still have their ``setUp`` and ``tearDown`` functions called.  (Thomi Richards, #https://github.com/testing-cabal/testtools/issues/86)
- We have adopted a formal backwards compatibility statement (see hacking.rst) (Robert Collins)

Release notes for python-testtools 1.1.0:

- Exceptions in a ``fixture.getDetails`` method will no longer mask errors raised from the same fixture's ``setUp`` method.  (Robert Collins, #1368440)

Release notes for subunit 0.0.19:

- ``subunit.run`` in Python will now exit 0 as long as the test stream has been generated correctly - this has always been the intent but API friction with testtools had prevented it working.  (Robert Collins)

Release notes for subunit 0.0.20:

- subunit2csv is now installed when using pip.  (Robert Collins, #1279669)
- testscenarios is now a test dependency, not an install dependency.  (Arfrever Frehtes Taifersar Arahesis, #1292757)
- The python-subunit tarball can now have setup run from the current directory. (Robert Collins, #1361857)

Release notes for subunit 0.0.21:

- Brown bag bugfix - 0.0.20's setup.py referenced cvs not csv.  (Robert Collins, #1361924)


  [ 1 ] Bug #1132881 - python-testtools-1.1.0 is available

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