Fedora 21 Update: selinux-policy-3.13.1-105.11.fc21

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Mon Apr 13 07:04:31 UTC 2015

Fedora Update Notification
2015-04-04 03:52:28

Name        : selinux-policy
Product     : Fedora 21
Version     : 3.13.1
Release     : 105.11.fc21
URL         : http://github.com/TresysTechnology/refpolicy/wiki
Summary     : SELinux policy configuration
Description :
SELinux Reference Policy - modular.
Based off of reference policy: Checked out revision  2.20091117

Update Information:

More info: http://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/buildinfo?buildID=625600

* Thu Apr  2 2015 Lukas Vrabec <lvrabec at redhat.com> 3.13.1-105.11
- Allow networkmanager and cloud_init_t to dbus chat
- Fix sysnet_filetrans_named_content interface. BZ(1207942)
- Fix cloudform policy.(m4 is case sensitive)
* Mon Mar 30 2015 Lukas Vrabec <lvrabec at redhat.com> 3.13.1-105.10
- Allow kmscon to read system state. BZ (1206871)
- Allow plymouthd to open usbttys. BZ(1202429)
- apmd needs sys_resource when shutting down the machine
- Allow xdm_t to read colord_var_lib_t files. BZ(1201985)
- Allow all domains some process flags
* Mon Mar 23 2015 Lukas Vrabec <lvrabec at redhat.com> 3.13.1-105.9
- Allow mysqld_t to use pam. BZ(1196104)
- Allow fetchmail to read mail_spool_t. BZ(1200552)
- Dontaudit blueman_t write to all mountpoints. BZ(1198272)
* Mon Mar 16 2015 Lukas Vrabec <lvrabec at redhat.com> 3.13.1-105.8
- Merge docker policy from rawhide.
- Allow docker to relablefrom/to sockets and docker_log_t
- Allow docker to communicate with openvswitch
- Fix some resolv problems
- Remove automatcically running filetrans_named_content form sysnet_manage_config
- Allow all domains that read resolv.conf to search through /run.  Since multiple domains including NetworkManager will be putting their resolv.conf into this directory
- Allow apps that create net_conf_t content to create .resolv.conf.NetworkManager
- Fix labels, improve sysnet_manage_config interface.
* Mon Mar  9 2015 Lukas Vrabec <lvrabec at redhat.com> 3.13.1-105.7
- Allow spamc read spamd_etc_t files. BZ(1199339).
- Allow collectd to write to smnpd_var_lib_t dirs. BZ(1199278)
- Allow abrt_watch_log_t read passwd file. BZ(1197396)
- Allow abrt_watch_log_t to nsswitch_domain. BZ(1199659)
- Allow cups to read colord_var_lib_t files. BZ(1199765)
* Thu Mar  5 2015 Lukas Vrabec <lvrabec at redhat.com> 3.13.1-105.6
- Allow glusterd_t exec glusterd_var_lib_t files. BZ(1198406)
- Add gluster_exec_lib interface.
- Allow cyrus bind tcp berknet port. BZ(1198347)
- Allow abrt_dump_oops_t read /etc/passwd file. BZ(1197190)
- Allow l2tp to manage NetworkManager_var_run_t files. BZ(1197428)
- Allow denyhosts execute iptables. BZ(1197371)
- Allow brltty rw event device. BZ(1190349)
- Allow cupsd config to execute ldconfig. BZ(1196608)
- Allow ping_t read urand. BZ(1181831)
- Add support for tcp/2005 port.
* Wed Feb 25 2015 Lukas Vrabec <lvrabec at redhat.com> 3.13.1-105.5
- Make sure NetworkManager configures resolv.conf correctly
- Label /var/run/NetworkManager/resolv.conf.tmp as net_conf_t.
- Added interface files_search_all_pids
- Allow search all pid dirs when managing net_conf_t files
- Fix path label to resolv.conf under NetworkManager
* Mon Feb 23 2015 Lukas Vrabec <lvrabec at redhat.com> 3.13.1-105.4
- Added logging_syslogd_pid_filetrans
- Additional fix for labeleling /dev/log correctly
- Label new strongswan binary swanctl and new unit file strongswan-swanctl.service. BZ(1193102)
- Label /dev/log correctly.
- Create dnf and yum directories in /var with correct label
- Dontaudit sys_resource in prelink_cron)_system_t
- Add filename transitions for /var/lib/rpm and /var/cache/rpm
- Create dnf and yum directories in /var with correct label
- Allow brltty ioctl on usb_device_t. BZ(1190349)
* Thu Feb  5 2015 Lukas Vrabec <lvrabec at redhat.com> 3.13.1-105.3
- apmd needs sys_resource when shutting down the machine
- Allow upsmon_t to read urandom device.
* Mon Feb  2 2015 Lukas Vrabec <lvrabec at redhat.com> 3.13.1-105.2
- Added boolean xdm_bind_vnc_tcp_port. BZ(1187975)
- Allow svirt sandbox domains to read /proc/mtrr
- Allow sshd_t to manage gssd keyring
- Allow docker to attach to the sandbox and user domains tun devices
- Dontaudit network connections related to thumb_t. BZ(1187981)
- Allow dovecot domains to use sys_resouce
- Allow svirt sandbox domains to read /proc/mtrr
- Allow polipo_deamon connect to all ephemeral ports. BZ(1187723)
- Allow sshd_t to manage gssd keyring
* Thu Jan 29 2015 Lukas Vrabec <lvrabec at redhat.com> 3.13.1-105.1
- Add unconfined_setsched() interface
- Add ipsec_rw_inherited_pipes() interface.
- Update seutil_manage_config() interface.
- journald now reads the netlink audit socket
- Update ipsec_manage_pid() interface.
- Allow netutils chown capability to make tcpdump working with -w
- Label /ostree/deploy/rhel-atomic-host/deploy directory as system_conf_t.
- Allow ipsec to execute _updown.netkey script to run unbound-control.
- Add auditing support for ipsec.
- Allow nut_upsmon_t to read random_device_t. BZ(1186072)
- Allow fowner capability for sssd because of selinux_child handling.
- ALlow bind to read/write inherited ipsec pipes
- Allow hypervkvp to read /dev/urandom and read  addition states/config files.
- Allow cluster domain to dbus chat with systemd-logind.
- Allow gluster rpm scripletto create glusterd socket with correct labeling. This is a workaround until we get fix in glusterd
- Add glusterd_filetrans_named_pid() interface.
- Allow radiusd to connect to radsec ports.
- Allow setuid/setgid for selinux_child.
- Allow pingd to read /dev/urandom. BZ(1181831)
- Allow lsmd plugin to connect to tcp/5989 by default.
- pkcsslotd_lock_t should be an alias for pkcs_slotd_lock_t.
- Allow docker_t to changes it rlimit
- Allow docker to setsched on unconfined_t user
- Dontaudit couchdb search in gconf_home_t. BZ(1177717)
- Call correct macro in virt_read_content().
- Allow neutron to read rpm DB.
- Add labeling for pacemaker.log.
- Allow radius to connect/bind radsec ports.
- Allow pm-suspend running as virt_qemu_ga to read /var/log/pm-suspend.log.
- Add devicekit_read_log_files()
- Allow  virt_qemu_ga to dbus chat with rpm.
- Update virt_read_content() interface to allow read also char devices.
* Thu Jan 15 2015 Lukas Vrabec <lvrabec at redhat.com> 3.13.1-105
- Fix labels on /etc/kde/kdm
- Allow texlive managers to relabelfrom
- Add iptables_var_lib_t for /var/lib/ebtables
- Allow mount_ecryptfs_t to read/write pam_console data
- allow mozilla plugins to connect to bluetooth devices
- Allow system_mail_t to create content in /var/lib/munin
- Allow prosody_t to execmem, since it is using loajit.
- Allow NetworkManager to noatsecure openvpn
- Allow canna go call getpw*
- Allow telepathy_mission_control to create tmp files
- Remove boolean gpg_agent_env_file
- Allow shorewall to transition to the netutils domain
- Allow bumblebee read proc_net_t. BZ (1176329)
- Dontaudit attempts by thumb_t to setfscreate, this is caused by executing mv command under thumb_t domain
* Thu Jan 15 2015 Lukas Vrabec <lvrabec at redhat.com> 3.13.1-104
- Fix unconfined_server_dbus_chat() interface
- Add type for tcp/18700 port and have it as lsm_plugin_port_t.
- Fix mount_entry_type() interface.
- Update xserver_rw_xdm_keys() interface to have 'setattr'.
- fix storage_tmp_filetrans_fixed_disk() interface.
- Allow sulogin to read /dev/urandom and /dev/random.
- Update radius port definition to have also tcp/18121.
- Add 18120/tcp as radius port.
- Label prandom as random_device_t.
- Allow charon to manage files in /etc/strongimcv labeled as ipsec_conf_t.
- Dontaudit svirt_domains attempting to setattr on /proc
- Allow systemd_passwd_agent to look at processes in /proc
- Fix label on /var/lib/sddm
- Allow systemd_logind_t to delete tmpfs files
- Allow systemd to manage all lock files
- Allow mdadm_t to create fixed_disk_device_t on /tmp file systems
- Allow init_t to create gnome content in homedirs
- systemd_sysctl needs to have sys_rawio
- userdom_dontaudit_search_user_home_content should not search through any homedirs and subdirs
- Allow userdomains to use mount commands as entrypoints
- bug #1178562 shows systemd_hostnamed_t reads /proc/xen
- Label /usr/libexec/Xorg.bin as xserver_exec_t.
- Allow sssd to send dbus all user domains.
- Allow lsm plugin to read certificates.
- Make snapperd as unconfined domain.
- Fix labeling for keystone CGI scripts
- Fix bugs in interfaces discovered by sepolicy.
- Allow slapd to read /usr/share/cracklib/pw_dict.hwm.
- Allow lsm plugins to connect to tcp/18700 by default.
- Allow brltty mknod capability to allow create /var/run/brltty/vcsa.
- Fix pcp_domain_template() interface.
- Allow mon_fsstatd to read /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc.
- Allow glance-scrubber to connect tcp/9191.
- Add conman_can_network.
- Allow conman to create files/dirs in /tmp.
- Allow rabbitmq_t to run hostname
- Allow named to manage files in dnssec_trigger_var_run_t directory
- Allow rabbitmq_t to deal with link files created with its content
- Allow pcp_domains to connect to ephemeral ports, allow webd domain to dbus with avahi
- Dontaudit svirt_domains attempting to setattr on /proc
- Allow mdadm_t to getattr on init status files
- Allow rpcd_t to write to /proc
- Allow mdadm_t to create fixed_disk_device_t on /tmp file systems
- Add lmt-req.lock as a apmd_lock file
- Allow rpm running under sblim domain to send signull to setroubleshootd.
* Mon Dec 15 2014 Lukas Vrabec <lvrabec at redhat.com> 3.13.1-103
- Docker has a new config/key file it writes to /etc/docker
- Add support for /usr/share/vdsm/daemonAdapter
- Add additionnal MLS attribute for oddjob_mkhomedir to create homedirs.
- Add missing files_dontaudit_list_security_dirs() for smbd_t in samba_export_all_ro boolean.
- Allow virt_qemu_ga_t to execute kmod
- Allow logrotate to read hawkey.log in /var/cache/dnf/ BZ(1163438)
* Thu Dec 11 2014 Lukas Vrabec <lvrabec at redhat.com> 3.13.1-102
- Allow pegasus_openlmi_storage_t use nsswitch. BZ(1172258)
- Allow docker daemon to start transitiant units
- Add support for /var/run/gluster.
- Allow openvpn manage systemd_passwd_var_run_t files. BZ(1170085)
- Fix /usr/libexec/sssd/selinux_child labeling.
- Label /usr/libexec/tomcat/server as tomcat_exec_t.
* Tue Dec  2 2014 Lukas Vrabec <lvrabec at redhat.com> 3.13.1-101
- Add files_dontaudit_list_security_dirs() interface
- Allow rlogind to use also rlogin ports
- Dontaudit couchdb to list /var
- couchdb: allow disksup to monitor the local disks
- dontaudit list security dirs for samba domain.
- Label /var/lib/rpmrebuilddb/ as rpm_var_lib_t. BZ (1167946)
* Tue Nov 25 2014 Lukas Vrabec <lvrabec at redhat.com> 3.13.1-100
- Add seutil_dontaudit_access_check_semanage_module_store() interface
- Update to have all _systemctl() interface also init_reload_services()
- Allow named_filetrans_domain to create ibus directory with correct labeling
- Add labeling for /sbin/iw.
- Label tcp port 5280 as ejabberd port. BZ(1059930)
- Make /usr/bin/vncserver running as unconfined_service_t.
- getty_t should be ranged in MLS. Then also local_login_t runs as ranged domain
- Label /etc/docker/certs.d as cert_t
- Allow all systemd domains to search file systems
- I guess there can be content under /var/lib/lockdown #1167502
- Dontaudit access check on SELinux module store for sssd
- Update to have all _systemctl() interface also init_reload_services()
- Allow rhev-agentd to read /dev/.udev/db to make deploying hosted engine via iSCSI working
- Allow keystone to send a generic signal to own process.
- Dontaudit list user_tmp files for system_mail_t
- label virt-who as virtd_exec_t
- Allow rhsmcertd to send a null signal to virt-who running as virtd_t
- Add virt_signull() interface
- Allow .snapshots to be created in other directories, on all mountpoints
- Add missing alias for _content_rw_t
- Allow spamd to access razor-agent.log

  [ 1 ] Bug #1181338 - SELinux is preventing openvpn from 'relabelfrom' accesses on the tun_socket Unknown.
  [ 2 ] Bug #1190364 - SELinux is preventing telinit from using the 'setrlimit' accesses on a process.
  [ 3 ] Bug #1201985 - SELinux is preventing /usr/libexec/gnome-settings-daemon from 'getattr' accesses on the file /var/lib/colord/icc/GCM - CLEVO CO_ - W240EU_W250EUQ_W270EUQ - unknown (2013-03-19) [18-21-17].icc.
  [ 4 ] Bug #1206871 - SELinux is preventing kmscon from 'getattr' accesses on the file /proc/meminfo.
  [ 5 ] Bug #1207942 - /usr/share/selinux/devel/include/system/sysnetwork.if: Syntax error on line ... ' [type=SQUOTE]
  [ 6 ] Bug #1189382 - SELinux is preventing /usr/bin/systemctl from using the 'sys_resource' capabilities.

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use
su -c 'yum update selinux-policy' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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