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Thu Jun 18 13:22:40 UTC 2015

Fedora Update Notification
2015-06-05 16:27:42

Name        : mock
Product     : Fedora 20
Version     : 1.2.10
Release     : 1.fc20
URL         : http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Projects/Mock
Summary     : Builds packages inside chroots
Description :
Mock takes an SRPM and builds it in a chroot.

Update Information:


* Tue Jun  2 2015 Miroslav Suchý <msuchy at redhat.com> - 1.2.10-1
- do not require pyliblzma if using python3 [RHBZ#1227209]
- add warning to site-defaults.cfg that assumeyes=1 is important [RHBZ#1225004]
- sync comments in site-defaults.cfg with code [RHBZ#1224961]
- check for dangling link of /etc/mtab [RHBZ#1224732]
- Fix --install filename completion
* Wed May 13 2015 Miroslav Suchý <msuchy at redhat.com> - 1.2.9-1
- scm: do not keep copy of environ, this is now handled by uidmanager [RHBZ#1204395]
- Add pm_request plugin
- Drop lvm2-python-libs requires and enable lvm subpackage on el6
- Use lvs instead of lvm python bindings
- Unshare IPC ns only for chroot processes
- Add missing flush in logOutput
- Avoid infinite recursion in selinux plugin
* Wed Apr 29 2015 Miroslav Suchý <msuchy at redhat.com> - 1.2.8-1
- LVM plugin is removed on F22+ due RHBZ 1136366
- allow the chroot's location to be configurable [RHBZ#452730]
- send output of --chroot to log [RHBZ#1214178]
- chroot_scan: implement "only_failed" option [RHBZ#1190763]
- add comment why this previous commit was done [RHBZ#1192128]
- use rpm macros instead of cmd option for --nocheck [RHBZ#1192128]
- plugin options can be string if specified on command line [RHBZ#1193487]
- root_cache: do not assume volatile root with tmpfs [RHBZ#1193487]
- use CONFIG instead of CHROOT in help/man for --root option [RHBZ#1197131]
- more clarification on --dnf-cmd/--yum-cmd [RHBZ#1211621]
- scm correct the logic of exclude_vcs [RHBZ#1204240]
- ignore missing files in ccache [RHBZ#1210569]
- install buildsys-macros in el5 chroot [RHBZ#1213482]
- remove forgotten print statement [RHBZ#1202845]
- add a plugin that calls command (from the host) on the produced rpms.
- save/restore os.environ when dropping/restoring Privs [RHBZ#1204395]
- mock-scm pull tarball name from specfile instead of hardcoding [RHBZ#1204935]
- clarify "--yum-cmd" / "--dnf-cmd" options [RHBZ#1211621]
- return the SRPM name from do_buildsrpm (required for SCM builds) [1190450]
- binding DNF cache directory with yum_cache [RHBZ#1176560]
- suggest user to install dnf-plugins-core [RHBZ#1196248]
- ignore btrfs errors on non-btrfs systems [RHBZ#1205564]
- on F21- use hard deps instead of soft [RHBZ#1198769]
- delete btrfs subvolumes on exit [RHBZ#1205564]
- on python3 convert err from bytes to str [RHBZ#1211199]
- on F22+ use yum-deprecated instead of yum [RHBZ#1211978]
- if mountpoint is inside chroot, remove chroot part [RHBZ#1208299]
- chmod directory only if we really created it [RHBZ#1209532]
- port epel-5 configs to Python 3 [RHBZ#1204662]
- use nosync only for package management and chroot init [RHBZ#1184964]
- missing config file should not be fatal [RHBZ#1195749]
- pass variable "name" [RHBZ#1194171]
- correct chroot_scan configuration sample in site-defaults
- install missing chroot_scan plugin
- avoid creating resultdir as root
* Fri Feb 13 2015 Miroslav Suchý <msuchy at redhat.com> - 1.2.7-1
- add Fedora 22 configs
- rawhide configs use DNF
- touch should not truncate file [RHBZ#1188770]
* Mon Feb  2 2015 Clark Williams <williams at redhat.com> - 1.2.6-1
- fix broken build issue
- From Mikhail Campos Guadamuz <Mikhail_Campos-Guadamuz at epam.com>:
  - use default logging.ini if non-default does not exist [RHBZ#1187727]
- From Michael Simacek <msimacek at redhat.com>:
  - Update manpage regarding multiple arguments
  - Take package arguments in update [RHBZ#1187136]
- From Miroslav Suchý <msuchy at redhat.com>:
  - reset LC before calling lvm commands [RHBZ#1185912]
* Fri Jan 23 2015 Clark Williams <williams at redhat.com> - 1.2.5-1
- mounts: do not mount /dev/shm or /dev/pts if internal setup false
- actually package compress_logs plugin
- use relative imports
- touch /etc/os-release after install @buildsys-build [RHBZ#1183454]
- parse /etc/os-release only if it exists and size is non-zero [RHBZ#1183454]
* Fri Jan 16 2015 Miroslav Suchý <msuchy at redhat.com> - 1.2.4-1
- each user have its own ccache cache [RHBZ#1168116]
- man: write example for --chroot option
- sort options in man page
- sort command in man page
- add Fedora 22 GPG keys
- improve --resultdir part of man page [RHBZ#1181554]
- allow the subsitution of resultdir into the yum.conf block [RHBZ#1125376]
- do no print duplicities in bash completion
- Fixed systemd-nspawn machine name collision [RHBZ#1174286]
- do shell expansion on  --new-chroot --chroot [RHBZ#1174317]
- log executing command after nspawn expansion
- make sure that mockchain generate unique repoid for all repos [RHBZ#1179806]
- workaround old python-six in EL7
- Remove checking for chroot existence in --chroot
- Exclude .bash_history and .bashrc from builddir cleanup
- Ignore broken symlinks in chown_home_dir
- create SCM files as non-privileg user [RHBZ#1178576]
- With --no-clean, delete /builddir except build/SOURCES [RHBZ#1173126]
- Man page formatting improvements
- Move the pool size check to later time when pool already exists
- Always use returnOutput in lvm plugin to get possible error output
- put correct version in man page
- Fix unicode characters in logs on Python 2 [RHBZ#1171707]
- Added new option 'postinstall' [RHBZ#1168911]
- Use keepcache=1 in yum.conf [RHBZ#1169126]
- Warn user when LVM thin pool is filled up [RHBZ#1167761]
- add missing max_metadata_age_days do site-defaults.cfg
- add age_check to site-default.cfg
- compress also logs created by package_state plugin
* Thu Dec  4 2014 Miroslav Suchý <msuchy at redhat.com> - 1.2.3-1
- fixed incorrect command construction in PackageManager:build_invocation [RHBZ#1170230]
- completion: correctly expand --install [RHBZ#1168220]
- copyin: when source is directory, then handle corner cases [RHBZ#1169051]
- increase default for tmpfs to 768
- check if key exist [RHBZ#476837]
- Added tmpfs new option 'keep_mounted' [RHBZ#476837]
- add 2 common tmpfs dirs to find_non_nfs_dir()
- Added new option --symlink-dereference used with --buildsrpm [BZ# 1165242]
- accept None as macro value in config [RHBZ#1165778]
- Don't do yum update when --no-clean specified [RHBZ#1165716]
- do not delete /buildir when --no-clean was set [RHBZ#483486]
- bash completation for --copyin and --sources
- bash_completion.d/mock: fix syntax error
- Correct check for --source cmd option, single file can be used [RHBZ#1165213]
- update BUGS part of man page
- add missing options to man page
* Tue Nov 18 2014 Miroslav Suchý <msuchy at redhat.com> - 1.2.2-1
- add missing import [RHBZ#1165061]
* Sat Nov 15 2014 Miroslav Suchý <msuchy at redhat.com> - 1.2.1-1
- allow mockchain to accept path as config
- end yum's installroot path with a slash [RHBZ#1160428]
- add --mount option [RHBZ#1162637]
- add some missing bash completation strings
- run --shell as root with --new-chroot
- Don't fail scrub when there's no pool [RHBZ#1162631]
- Globbing and tilde expansion
- move restoring priviledges to finally [RHBZ#1162720]
- Remove "Buildroot must be already initialized" note
- Add missing --print-root-path to manpage
- Do not print ANSI escape characters into log [RHBZ#1163037]
- in site-defaults.cfg initialize dictionary of plugins [RHBZ#1162595]
- Disable empty names and values in config_opts[macros] [RHBZ#1160765]
- Disable single macros in -D cmd option [RHBZ#1160765]
- rpmbuild is in /usr/bin [RHBZ#1161112]
- man page for --macro-file [RHBZ#1160326]
- Added option [--macro-file] to support external rpm macros file [RHBZ#1160326]
- Don't output installation/build output when redirected
- Better log message for intial buildroot installation
- Be more specific when installing configs
- Install into correct sitelib when using Python 3
- Fix nosync on aarch64
- wrap all remaining getcwd() [RHBZ#1159300]
- do not use rpm in %post scriptlet [RHBZ#1131279]
- Fix unclear legal host output [RHBZ#1159794]
- allow running from directory, which is deleted [RHBZ#1159300]
- create compress_logs plugin [RHBZ#1100923]
- when default.cfg exists create default.cfg.rpmnew [RHBZ#1085308]
- accept paths to target definition files [RHBZ#1126117]
- set title bar in xterm [RHBZ#1126235]
- pass --enablerepo/--disablerepo to yum in the same order as provided to mock [RHBZ#1154604]
- Fix incorrect printing of binary strings on py3
- Add missing Requires rpm-python3
- Don't print Yum and build output when quiet
- Prevent output being printed twice with --verbose (rhbz#1152971)
- Fix printing non-ascii characters with output redirected (rhbz#1152952)
- replace urlgrabber by python-requests
- use python3 for Fedora22+
- Don't print we're doing rpmbuild -bb, when it may not be true
- 'prep' choice missing in short-circuit option parser
- Don't execute prebuild in short-circuit mode
* Thu Oct  9 2014 Miroslav Suchý <msuchy at redhat.com> - 1.2.0-1
- update configs for secondary architecture (Dan Horák)
- caching of buildroots using LVM (Michael Simacek)
- add support for DNF (Michael Simacek)
- initial porting to python3 (Michael Simacek)
- new config option nosync (Michael Simacek)
- add CentOS extra repository [BZ# 1108402]
- correctly create default.cfg on arm [BZ# 1033786]
- postpone loading of rpm after chroot is set [BZ# 1111147]
- use systemd-nspawn instead of chroot [RHBZ# 1132762]
- in --copyout do not fail on symlinks [BZ# 971474]
- allow to short circuit to prep phase [BZ# 966985]
* Fri Jul 18 2014 Clark Williams <williams at redhat.com> - 1.1.41-1
- fix python 2.7 feature so we can run on rhel6
* Thu Jul 17 2014 Clark Williams <williams at redhat.com> - 1.1.40-1
- from Miroslav Suchý <msuchy at redhat.com>:
  - mock: Revert "revert 7ec6a1e9d202ab56fb31c914dbf7516c045e56ab" [BZ# 1103239]
  - configs: use final Centos 7 path in configs [BZ# 1108402]
  - configs: fix typo in fedora-rawhide-armhfp config [BZ# 1108847]
  - mockchain: use getuid() instead of getgid() [BZ# 1108265]
  - configs: check gpg key of packages from Fedora, Centos, Epel
  - plugins: disable package_state by default on el6
  - make /etc/mtab symlink to /proc/self/mounts [BZ# 1116158]
  - do not list pki files twice
  - deploy etc/pki to buildroot
- from Michael Simacek <msimacek at redhat.com>:
  - mock: do not allow config scripts to regain root priviledges
- from Igor Gnatenko <i.gnatenko.brain at gmail.com>:
  - Add F21 configs
  - Change releasever to 22 for rawhide
* Wed May 21 2014 Clark Williams <williams at redhat.com> - 1.1.39-1
- configs: update epel-7 koji repo to use correct URL
- from Ken Dreyer <ktdryer at ktdryder.com>
  - Use RHEL 7 RC mirrorlist URLs
from Miroslav Suchý <msuchy at redhat.com>
  - add support for subscription-manager (RHSM)
  - expand tabs for better readablity
  - cut of everything after decimal point, if there is some [BZ# 1098477]
  - better code readablity
  - clarify the log messages
  - use metalink instead of mirrorlist in yum config
  - set LC_MESSAGE to C before executing command [BZ# 519258]
  - use ctypes.get_errno() instead of ctypes.c_int.in_dll(_libc, "errno")
  - revert 7ec6a1e9d202ab56fb31c914dbf7516c045e56ab (python 2.4 workarounds)
  - buildroot and %clean is not needed for el6 and fedoras
  - description should always end with dot
  - remove shebang from mockbuild/mounts.py
  - %defattr is not needed since rpm 4.4
  - remove el5 conditional
  - use createrepo_c which is much faster
  - whitespace fixes
  - remove unused variables: 'username' and 'hdr'
  - better logging of kernel version [BZ# 1048826]
  - partially revert 9db6edb33cc34a450e762eb5d2bedf9067ebc419 [BZ# 1034805]
  - teach mockchain about ftp [BZ# 1061776]
from Jerry James <loganjerry at gmail.com>
  - fix post scriptlet to deal with rawhide [BZ# 1083689]
* Mon Mar 31 2014 Clark Williams <williams at redhat.com> - 1.1.38-1
- revert commit 34d0b1d815e4 for quoting (breaks fedora-review)
* Thu Mar 27 2014 Clark Williams <williams at redhat.com> - 1.1.37-2
- fix el6 requires for yum-utils
* Mon Mar 24 2014 Clark Williams <williams at redhat.com> - 1.1.37-1
- fix thinko in test script for running configs
- plugins: turn off package_state plugin by default
- fix automake to use 'xz' compression
- additional commits needed by scm commit
- elevate privs when accessing the chroot rpmdb [BZ# 1051474]
- quote --shell args like a shell [BZ# 966144]
- from Tuomo Soini <tis at foobar.fi>
  - Fix for race in directory creation [BZ# 1052045]
- from Peter Jönsson <peter.jonsson at klarna.com>
  - Add support for creating tarballs with scm data still inside
- from Tomas Kopecek <tkopecek at redhat.com>
  - internal_dev_setup option used consistently
- from Dennis Gilmore <dennis at ausil.us>
  - add rawhide aarch64 config
  - remove sparc rawhide configs, she be dead
- from Ville Skyttä <ville.skytta at iki.fi>
  - Use $(mocketcdir) in install-data-hook instead of duplicating its value
  - Use xz tarball to save a bit of space
  - Clean up unused imports
  - Install bash completion to proper dir with bash-completion 2
  - Remove Fedora 18 configs
  - Use install @foo instead of groupinstall foo in chroot_setup_cmd
- from Rodrigo Dias Cruz <rodrigodc+redhatbugzilla at gmail.com>
  -  fix scm problem with specfiles using rpm macros [BZ# 1056271]
- from Tomas Kopecek <tkopecek at redhat.com>
  - avoid undefined variable error in try/finally block [BZ# 1063275]
* Wed Feb  5 2014 Clark Williams <williams at redhat.com> - 1.1.36-1
- configs: first cut at epel-7 configs for x86_64 and ppc64
- Add 'extra_chroot_dirs' config option
- use repoquery --installroot to avoid yum cache corruption [BZ# 1029352 and 985681]
- mockchain: avoid special characters in repoid [BZ# 1034805]
- from Jon Disnard <jdisnard at gmail.com>:
  - implement autoreconf call in build phase of mock rpm [BZ# 926154]
  - fix --copyout by temporary drop and restore of privs [BZ# 1002142]
- from Dennis Gilmore <dennis at ausil.us>:
  - rawhide and f19/f18 is hardware floating point only for arm, drop the unneeded configs
- from Yann Droneaud <yann at droneaud.fr>:
  - pass root environment to repoquery calls for proxy config [BZ# 974499]
- from Miroslav Suchý <msuchy at redhat.com>:
  - add releasever config option to configs [BZ# 1056039]

  [ 1 ] Bug #1227209 - Mock requires pyliblzma
  [ 2 ] Bug #1225004 - Enforce YUM's "assumeyes" option
  [ 3 ] Bug #1224961 - site-defaults.cfg claims that config_opts['yum_common_opts'] is a must while the other configs do not set it
  [ 4 ] Bug #1224732 - [abrt] mock: buildroot.py:442:_setup_devices:OSError: [Errno 17] File exists

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use
su -c 'yum update mock' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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