Fedora 22 Update: yaz-5.13.0-1.fc22

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Sat Jun 20 23:56:08 UTC 2015

Fedora Update Notification
2015-06-09 09:01:40

Name        : yaz
Product     : Fedora 22
Version     : 5.13.0
Release     : 1.fc22
URL         : http://www.indexdata.com/yaz/
Summary     : Z39.50/SRW/SRU toolkit
Description :
YAZ is a programmers toolkit supporting the development of Z39.50/SRW/SRU
clients and servers. Z39.50-2003 (version 3) as well as SRW/SRU version 1.1
are supported in both the client and server roles. The SOLR webservice is
supported in the client role through the ZOOM API.

The current version of YAZ includes support for the industry standard ZOOM
API for Z39.50. This API vastly simplifies the process of writing new clients
using YAZ, and it reduces your dependency on any single toolkit. YAZ can be
used by itself to build Z39.50 applications in C.For programmers preferring
another language, YAZ has three language bindings to commonly used application
development languages.

This package contains both a test-server and clients (normal & ssl).

Update Information:

--- 5.13.0 2015/05/29

* Add lock/unlock for YAZ log writes YAZ-843

--- 5.12.2 2015/05/22

* Fix incorrect parsing of URLs @:9999/somebase&url=http://some.host YAZ-842

--- 5.12.1 2015/05/13

* yaz-client: deal with excess bytes HTTPS case YAZ-833

* ZOOM C: deal with excess bytes HTTPS case YAZ-833

--- 5.12.0 2015/05/08

* Allow Content-Type application/sru+xml YAZ-840

* New yaz_xml_get_prop utility YAZ-839

* Fix zebrasrv [warn] ir_session (exception) YAZ-838

* Document itemorder-setname and list all ILL options

--- 5.11.0 2015/03/31

* Extend get_org_info (snippets) to return original string YAZ-836

* Two new functions have appeared: icu_chain_get_org_info2 and
icu_iter_get_org_info2 with a 4th parameter being a pointer
to the original string.

* Fix icu_iter_get_norm returns invalid size for some input YAZ-834

* The icu_iter_get_org_info returns information based on string
as it appears on tokenize step.

--- 5.10.2 2015/03/13

* Deal with excess bytes in HTTP response for keepalive YAZ-830

* Refactor ssl_put and tcpip_put to one function YAZ-832

* Refactor ssl_get and tcpip_get to one function YAZ-831

* Fix SEGV yaz-client for HTTP decoding error YAZ-829

* Fix buffer overflow in cmd_elements in yaz-client YAZ-828

--- 5.10.1 2015/03/03

* Fix test_sru.sh fails in pazpar2 YAZ-826
Unfortunately a regression occurred with YAZ 5.10.0 that would make Pazpar2 fail for HTTP connections.

--- 5.10.0 2015/03/03

* Use CONNECT for SSL backends and for Z39.50 thru HTTP proxy YAZ-825

* Introduce cs_create_host2 which returns if connection should be
proxy aware (HTTP:absoluteUri or Z39.50 proxy:vhost in init).. For CONNECT, the connection is NOT proxy aware (no absoluteUri and no Z39.50 vhost).

* Fix http proxy fails with yaz-client YAZ-824

* Sun Jun  7 2015 Christopher Meng <rpm at cicku.me> - 5.13.0-1
- Update to 5.13.0

  [ 1 ] Bug #1198164 - yaz-5.13.0 is available

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use
su -c 'yum update yaz' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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