Fedora 22 Update: tralics-2.15.3-1.fc22

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Fri Sep 18 20:55:11 UTC 2015

Fedora Update Notification
2015-09-18 18:09:49.146520

Name        : tralics
Product     : Fedora 22
Version     : 2.15.3
Release     : 1.fc22
URL         : http://www-sop.inria.fr/marelle/tralics/
Summary     : LaTeX to XML translator
Description :
Tralics is a free software whose purpose is to convert a LaTeX document into
an XML file. It is used since 2002 for instance to produce the INRIA's
annual activity report.

Update Information:

# 2015-08-06, Version 2.15.3  * Support for math symbols added. * Changed
implementation of `\cline`. * Added `\@sptoken` to the kernel. * New command
`\hlinee` as extension of `\hline \cline`. This allow to specify the thickness
of a rule and its surrounding space in a table. * Implemented the booktabs
package. * Corrected french translation of `\aparaitre`. * Corrected
`\textasciibreve`, `\textasciicaron`. * Corrected a nasty bug that inhibits tags
in align environment (or any use defined environment that expands to `@align`).
* Implemented `\XMLcurrentcellid`, `\XMLcurrentrowid`, `\XMLcurrentarrayid`. *
Removed the obsolete NoTitle hack. * Corrected the postprocessing, removing
loops in unused XML elements. * Corrected `\vcenter`. * Changed `\xmlemptyelt`.
* Added a bunch of commands that make acces to the XML tree (`\XML at fetch`,
`\XML at parent`, `XML at insert` etc (for details, see documentation of one of these
commands). * Added the possibility to use the result of `\readxml`. * No error
in `$\muskip0=\lastskip$`. * An error is signaled in `$a\above-ptb$`. * No error
is signaled in `$a\overwithdelims\relax()b$`. * There is always a rend attribute
in figure, table. * No more loss of attributes in `\begin{table}
\begin{tabular*}{17pt}[b] {c} y \end{tabular*}\end{table}`.
tralics-2.15.3-1.fc22  - Update to 2.15.3   tralics-2.15.3-1.fc23  - Update to

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program. Use
su -c 'yum update tralics' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at https://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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