Fedora 24 Update: php-zendframework-zend-i18n-2.7.1-1.fc24

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Tue Apr 5 10:15:54 UTC 2016

Fedora Update Notification
2016-04-05 10:09:11.083624

Name        : php-zendframework-zend-i18n
Product     : Fedora 24
Version     : 2.7.1
Release     : 1.fc24
URL         : http://framework.zend.com/
Summary     : Zend Framework I18n component
Description :
Zend\I18n comes with a complete translation suite which supports all major
formats and includes popular features like plural translations and text
domains. The Translator component is mostly dependency free, except for
the fallback to a default locale, where it relies on the Intl PHP extension.

The translator itself is initialized without any parameters, as any
configuration to it is optional. A translator without any translations
will actually do nothing but just return the given message IDs.

Update Information:

** Version 2.7.1**  **Added**  * adds Zend\I18n\Module::init(), which registers
a specification for the translator loader plugin manager with
Zend\ModuleManager\Listener\ServiceListener.  --- **Version 2.7.0**  **Added**
*   Zend\I18n\Translator\LoaderPluginManagerFactory, which provides a factory
for container-interop-compatible containers (including zend-servicemanager) for
creating and returning a LoaderPluginManager instance. *
Zend\I18n\ConfigProvider (which provides an invokable configuration provider
class; this could be used with zend-expressive) and Zend\I18n\Module (which
provides a zend-mvc/zend-modulemanager module providing service configuration
for ZF applications); these provide configuration for zend-i18n services,
including filters, validators, and view helpers.  **Deprecated**  * deprecates
Zend\I18n\View\HelperConfig, as the functionality is made obsolete by the new
Module class. The class will be removed with the 3.0 release.  **Fixed**  *
updates the dependencies for zend-validator and zend-cache to use versions that
are forwards-compatible with zend-servicemanager v3, and re-enables their tests
during continuous integration.

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program. Use
su -c 'yum update php-zendframework-zend-i18n' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at https://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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