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Tue Apr 5 13:57:47 UTC 2016

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2016-04-05 10:10:09.990030

Name        : x2goclient
Product     : Fedora 23
Version     :
Release     : 1.fc23
URL         : http://www.x2go.org
Summary     : X2Go Client application (Qt4)
Description :
X2Go is a server based computing environment with
    - session resuming
    - low bandwidth support
    - session brokerage support
    - client-side mass storage mounting support
    - client-side printing support
    - audio support
    - authentication by smartcard and USB stick

X2Go Client is a graphical client (Qt4) for the X2Go system.
You can use it to connect to running sessions and start new sessions.

Update Information:

Update to    - onmainwindow.cpp: include sshd PID file path option in
quotes to support        whitespaces within the var directory path on Windows.
Add comment to        revisit this later on non-Windows-platforms, too. Fixes:
#916.   - onmainwindow.cpp: do NOT reformat. Reverts most of the previous commit
because it breaks code logic.   - res/txt/packs: add adaptive method.  -
onmainwindow.cpp: be more precise in slotScDaemonError () regarding
unknown and undefined errors.  - onmainwindow.{cpp,h}: don't use a hardcoded
path to xmodmap on OS X and        handle errors more gracefully. Fixes: #487. -
x2goclient.pro: fix typo --stdlib=... -> -stdlib=... Fixes: #973.  -
onmainwindow.cpp: add some more error handling for parsing the return
value of x2golistsessions. As it turns out, it can happen that "invalid"
strings are inserted in there, for instance by the perl interpreter
itself. We need to skip over these, or the client crashes when splitting
up the invalid lines.  - sshmasterconnection.cpp: let challenge-auth-based login
attempts        fallback to normal password authentication if the initial
challenge-auth-based attempt was unsuccessful.  - sshmasterconnection.{cpp,h}:
support variable number of        challenge-auth-code-based prompts.  -
sshmasterconnection.cpp: don't check prompts for full string equality -        a
matching prefix is good enough. Amongst others, this fixes errors in
conditions where the prompt does not contain a trailing whitespace, but
X2Go Client expects one.   - sshmasterconnection.cpp: add OATH TOTP prompt
prefix. Fixes: #860.   - res/i18n: refresh translation files again.  -
res/i18n/x2goclient_nb_no.ts: replace "X-Serv..." with "X.Org Server"
where applicable. - res/i18n/x2goclient_nb_no.ts: fix up some "x2go" -> "X2Go"
errors.  - Add support for new style command line options of xfreerdp on direct
RDP        connections. (Fixes: #772).   - Fix direct RDP in broker mode.  - Fix
crashing client when editing session from SessionManageDialog.        Fixes:
#921. - Reconnect ssh broker in case of IO Error.  - Reformat source
onmainwindow.cpp.  - Disable settings editing if a directory with central
settings is exists.  - Format long names on session buttons.  - Central settings
for Linux, Mac and Windows.  - Fix reading settings for direct RDP connections
in broker mode.  - Auto accept RSA Keys for SSH Broker with --add-to-known-hosts
option. - xinerama.conf: Don't choke if screen coordintate lines in
xinerama.conf        start with a dash ("-"). (Fixes: #948).  -
res/i18n/x2goclient_nb_no.ts: update Bokmål (Norway) translation file.
sshmasterconnection.cpp: don't fetch invalid proxy socket. Fixes: #1000.
>From http://doc.qt.io/qt-4.8/qabstractsocket.html#socketDescriptor:        The
socket descriptor is not available when QAbstractSocket is in
UnconnectedState.        So we have to connect to the proxy server first before
retrieving the        native socket. - res/i18n/x2goclient_sv.ts: update Swedish
translation file. - res/i18n/x2goclient_fr.ts: update French translation file.
- res/i18n/x2goclient_nl.ts: update Dutch translation file.  -
res/i18n/x2goclient_de.ts: update German translation file.  -
res/i18n/x2goclient_es.ts: update Spanish translation file.

  [ 1 ] Bug #1317242 - [abrt] x2goclient: SessionManageDialog::slot_endisable(): x2goclient killed by SIGSEGV

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program. Use
su -c 'yum update x2goclient' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at https://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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