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Wed Mar 9 20:20:02 UTC 2016

Fedora Update Notification
2016-03-09 20:10:53.639052

Name        : fldigi
Product     : Fedora 23
Version     : 3.23.08
Release     : 1.fc23
URL         : http://www.w1hkj.com/Fldigi.html
Summary     : Digital modem program for Linux
Description :
Fldigi is a modem program which supports most of the digital modes used by
ham radio operators today. You can also use the program for calibrating your
sound card to WWV or doing a frequency measurement test. The program also comes
with a CW decoder. fldigi is written with the help of the Fast Light Toolkit X
GUI. Fldigi is a fast moving project many added features with each update.

Flarq (Fast Light Automatic Repeat Request) is a file transfer application
that is based on the ARQ specification developed by Paul Schmidt, K9PS.
It is capable of transmitting and receiving frames of ARQ data via fldigi.

Update Information:

Version 3.23.08 - Changes from 3.23.07     NAVTEX update      * low pass mark &
space individually      * Use ATC and fft-filters adapted from RTTY modem      *
Correct display metric      * Widen afc filter for 'jump 90 Hz' code      * Use
exact bit length      * Calculated sync modification      * see
src/navtex/navtex.cxx for design analysis     Save Logbook      * Change system
dialog invoked when saving logbook to        system save-as vice save.
Analysis mode      * Restore <CSV:on, <CSV:off, <CSV:t(oggle)     flrig PTT
* All user to select whether flrig PTT change triggers        RX/TX change in
modem stata     flrig waiting      * Changed event recording level for
"Waiting for flrig" from INFO to VERBOSE     COM port close       * change
effects the Windows COM port close process        - rigCAT startup process no
longer dependent on order, xcvr          can be started before or after fldigi
is running.  Tested          by Haris, SV1GRB.     Mac Logger       * Added UDP
interface to read data exported by MacLogger        - UDP data stream on socket / 9932        - User configurable items:          .
enable/disable UDP socket reads          . Capture and use UDP Radio Report data
. Capture and use UDP Spot Tune data          . Capture and use UDP Spot Report
data          . Capture and use UDP Log Report data          . Capture and use
UDP Lookup Report data          . Enable UDP string capture to file
file in fldigi files/temp folder            filename: maclogger_udp_strings.txt
* Added <signal.h> to threads.h to avoid missing reference        to sigemptyset
in some gcc installs     fsq repeat last      * test for empty list of previous
command     GCC 6 build       * GCC 6 defaults to -std=gnu++14, and attempting
to build fldigi fails        with a number of errors. One is that C++11 added
std::next and so        because of the "using namespace std" in src/fsq/fsq.cxx
the global        variable 'next' and std::next are ambiguous. That can be
easily solved        by qualifying ::next or adding using ::next at function
scope.      * The other errors are due to the different return type for
std::complex<T>::real() and std::complex<T>::imag() in C++11 and        later.
CALL capture       * add copy call to clipboard when capturing from Rx text
Scope View       * Corrected saved position/size status values     RigCAT
modifications      * Separated no xcvr functions from rigcat loop operation
* Corrected hamlib start/stop process to prevent        lockup when xcvr is not
responding to CAT commands        - hamlib still creates a zombie process when
trying to access          a bogus serial interface such as a bell modem      *
Added string / hex data LOG view        <LOGSTR>true/false</LOGSTR>      * Added
variable loop timing        <POLLINT>100...20000</POLLINT>        default 100
msec      * Corrected use of BW-REPLY and MODE-REPLY in xml def file      *
Added ability to read and display Smeter and Pwr meter      * Added debugging
statements to exit functions      * Fixed aberrant save frequencies2.txt file
behavior      * Added manual notch read/write using waterfall        notch
filter interface      * Added power level control for xcvrs with that CAT
command        - set power level also used for logging      * Updated tutorial
on transceiver xml definition file structure.      * Added
<VERBOSE>bool</VERBOSE> specifier        - use during development of an xml file

  [ 1 ] Bug #1309835 - fldigi- is available

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program. Use
su -c 'yum update fldigi' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at https://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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