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Summary: Review Request: slab


------- Additional Comments From chabotc at xs4all.nl  2006-08-06 11:58 EST -------
(In reply to comment #35)
> Also, any custom applications added to the default list of favorite applications
> is not retained on reboot. The context menu on the application browser says
> "Remove from favorites" but the favorites list doesnt show the application.
> Removing and readding it works. 

The bug was even a bit weirder then that, if you were to add one more favorite
after reboot, all old fav's plus the new one would show up again

Turns out on initial load, it limits the amount of 'tiles' there to 6 by
default, then on drag and drop, adding or removing, etc it 'refreshes' the area,
and notices it should show all the other buttons too

As a temporary solution i've patched the schemas file to default to 'limit to
128 entries', this way 'hell should freeze over' (and you screen being very
full) before this limit is hit, and the issue manifests its self again.

Might try to come up with a 'better solution' sometime, but for now this will do
i think.

Uploaded the latest changes to the same place again:

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