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Summary: Review Request: db4o


------- Additional Comments From paul at all-the-johnsons.co.uk  2006-08-08 03:07 EST -------
E: db4o no-binary
The package should be of the noarch architecture because it doesn't contain
any binaries.

I'll change that.

E: db4o only-non-binary-in-usr-lib
There are only non binary files in /usr/lib so they should be in /usr/share.

Mono packages aren't sane when it comes to this and until mono is fixed, this
one can be ignored

* documentation takes up 75% of the installed size, -docs subpackage is necessary

Not a problem - I did that with XaraLX

i.e. mono(System) and mono(mscorlib) are provided by mono-core
* documentation takes up 75% of the installed size, -docs subpackage is necessary

It needs mono-core as a R and mono-devel as a BR.

* package doesn't meet packaging guidelines
- {_prefix}/%{_lib} vs. %{_libdir}, See 

Permitted for the time being - have a look at the mono packaging guidelines

* Also, I don't like the use of sed where tr -d would suffice.

I'm not sure that's a blocker though

I'll fix the docs and noarch and upload a new spec file. Thanks for the review
up to now.

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