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Summary: Review Request: rt2500-kmod


------- Additional Comments From kwizart at gmail.com  2006-08-15 07:09 EST -------
Question about how much time...

quote of IvD:
"Well it all depends on when rt2x00 is considered stable, dscape might make it
to the main kernel tree within a few months.
How soon rt2x00 follows afterwards really depends on how fast successes are
being achieved with the last few issues regarding association time and the
remaining RX issues.
So no schedule can be given for neither the next rt2x00 beta, the final rt2x00
or rt2x00 moving to main kernel tree.
rt2x00 will be considered stable when it is stable. "

I see a lot of theses Ralink wifi chipset in computers around me, but not so
much drivers for Fedora or other distributions... That 's why i've made a
pre-compiled module for FC5 (may work with FC4 and legacy!)
Obviously it may be better than using Ndiswarper...
The driver will be osolete as soon as the rt2x00 can build on a Fedora kernel...
( compilation fails for rt2x00- here is somme info :

I don't know if a bug is already submitted for this issue...

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