[Bug 204495] Review Request: perl-GStreamer - GStreamer Perl module

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Tue Aug 29 20:05:27 UTC 2006

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Summary: Review Request: perl-GStreamer - GStreamer Perl module


------- Additional Comments From ville.skytta at iki.fi  2006-08-29 16:05 EST -------
(In reply to comment #5)
> In fact gstreamer doesn't resolve an uri like
> file://localhost/usr/share/wesnoth/music/elf-land.ogg
> to /usr/share/wesnoth/music/elf-land.ogg
> Not sure that it is a bug.

It is, from RFC 3986 section 3.2.2:

  "For example, the "file" URI scheme is defined so that no authority, an
   empty host, and "localhost" all mean the end-user's machine [...]"

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