[Bug 217311] Review Request: xarchiver - Archive manager for Xfce

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Wed Nov 29 00:52:50 UTC 2006

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Summary: Review Request: xarchiver - Archive manager for Xfce


------- Additional Comments From fedora at christoph-wickert.de  2006-11-28 19:52 EST -------
(In reply to comment #6)
> I don't think the x-lha and x-lhz should be in mime in 
> .desktop file since lha is not in fedora. I think it is the 
> same for x-rar. I also don't think that deb and rpm should 
> be included in the mime handled by xarchiver since it 
> doesn't really seems to handle rpm or deb as rpm or deb but 
> unarchive them. x-ar seems wrong to me too.
All of these mimetypes are included in file-roller and/or ark packages from
Core, too. And why not adding xarchiver for rpms and debs? file-roller or ark
also can't do more then list/extact debs/rpms, noone expects an achive manager
to install packages. I use file-roller a lot to quickly look into rpms, get the
spec from an srpm etc. The default action still is system-install-packages, so
IMO adding xarchiver can't do no harm.

> Regarding htmlview, a patch is also needed, currently it is
> not used in the code!

I created a small patch for htmlview, also added epiphany, konqueror and seamonkey.


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