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Mon Oct 9 08:47:29 UTC 2006

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Summary: Review Request: xorg-x11-xcalc - X.org XCalc


------- Additional Comments From pertusus at free.fr  2006-10-09 04:47 EST -------
Parallel make should be used whenever possible:

Regarding the licence, I think that the LICENCE file form X11R7 is not
usefull, if I'm not wrong when John say X11R7 licence, I think he is
referring to the X consortium license, the second license in the
X11R7 LICENCE file. Since it is the licence that covers the other files
in xcalc my opinion is that the full LICENCE file from X11R7 is not
needed, and may even be misleading. (in case it would have been 
needed adding it with a full source was right).

Another comment is that I find the naming of LICENSE.xcalc a bit unfortunate,
it may be more accurately called something along
math.c-LICENSE.xcalc, or xcalc-math.c-license-mail

A licence file for the xcalc as a whole could be a X consortium licence.
But it isn't required since upstream don't have one. 

Anyway, if you want to shut down rpmlint you could use MIT
for the licence, but MIT/X11 is clearly better, so use what you prefer.

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