[Bug 211548] Review Request: fluxstyle - Graphical style manager for fluxbox

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Tue Oct 24 12:17:43 UTC 2006

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Summary: Review Request: fluxstyle - Graphical style manager for fluxbox


------- Additional Comments From miker5slow at grandecom.net  2006-10-24 08:17 EST -------
(In reply to comment #8)
> * rpmlint is silent
> * free software, licence included
> * follows guidelines
> * spec legible
> * match upstream
> f06e121439e67750a2913c91acd205a1  fluxstyle-1.0.1.tar.bz2
> * sane provides
> * gui app, desktop and icon provided
> * %files section right
> I still see the 2 bugs I reported above:
> When I do Help->About, and then the gtk close button, it doesn't close
> the about window.

What version of pygtk and libglade do you run so I can try to get the same for

> When I remove tenr style from the config file, and I do
> add->file system (double click)->usr->share->tenr-de-styles-pkg-1.0->styles
> then if I click the gtk button open it goes in the styles directory,
> but don't allow to select it. In the filechoser there are only directories
> appearing, no files, but it may be right.
The add style button is not to add a location to the config, it is to add a
freshly downloaded style. The format must be a .bz2 .gz etc etc.. It will then
install that style to ~/.fluxbox/styles

> It may be because I am on devel and you are on fc5. But beware, devel will
> soon become fc6.

I will setup fc6 in vmware to do further testing on the app very soon. 

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