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Summary: Review Request: streamer


------- Additional Comments From paul at city-fan.org  2006-09-01 10:22 EST -------
(In reply to comment #26)
> Ok After seeing peoples getting sponserships within 2 days who claim to be
> newbies for this procedure, I think i did not deserved then to be Sponserer so i
> think its time to make Official reviewers burden less by closing this bug.

I understand yur frustration at not being sponsored yet, despite being very
active and doing everything asked of you, especially when you see other new
contributors getting sponsored very quickly. Having already sponsored a few
people, I've become very careful to make sure that I think any new contributor I
sponsor now is fully aware of how how to work within Fedora Extras and not make
too many mistakes (since I as their sponsor would end up having to fix them,
which I've had to do in the past). As a result, it may be that the bar for being
sponsored by me is higher than it would be for some other sponsors. Other issues
for me include the fact that I've recently changed jobs and have less time to
review submissions than I used to have (I've only done one review in the past
couple of months I think). There's also the problem that I haven't got any means
of testing either this or the qcwebcam submission.

On the plus side, it looks like someone else may also be willing to sponsor you
(Kevin in Bug #199254). You might refer Kevin to this ticket and the qcwebcam
one as other examples of your work. Once you're sponsored, any contributor will
then be able to review these submissions and it's more likely that someone with
the right hardware will appear and be able to do that for you. So if I was you
I'd reopen these tickets. They'll get in eventually, but that won't happen if
the tickets are closed.

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