[Bug 201873] Review Request: wmix - Dockapp mixer

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Summary: Review Request: wmix - Dockapp mixer


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------- Additional Comments From jtorresh at gmail.com  2006-09-01 19:28 EST -------
Hi Patrice,

I'm going to review this now. I apologize for the delay.

* Since you're pretty much doing the whole installation process manually, why
don't you just copy the 'wmix' binary to %{_bindir} and avoid the use of "make
install"? (There's nothing wrong with your current approach, though).

REVIEW (wmix-3.1-1)

+ rpmlint shows no error.
+ package meets the naming guidelines.
+ spec-file is properly named.
+ package meets the packaging guidelines.
+ package license is open-source compatible (GPL).
+ license field matches the actual license.
+ license file included in %doc.
+ spec file is written in english.
+ spec file is legible.
+ source files match upstream:
  62f6e86f7558f193e081dc29444a6699  wmix-3.1.tar.gz
+ package successfully compiled, built and tested on i386 (rawhide).
+ all build dependencies are listed in BuildRequires.
+ package doesn't need to use %find_lang (no locales present).
+ package doesn't contain shared libraries.
+ package isn't relocatable.
+ package owns all directories that it creates.
+ no duplicate files in %files.
+ file permissions are properly set.
+ package has a %clean section containing rm -rf %{buildroot}.
+ package uses macros consistently.
+ package contains code, not content.
+ no -doc subpackage needed.
+ %docs don't affect application runtime.
+ package doesn't contain headers, static libraries or pkgconfig files (no devel
+ package doesn't own directories owned by other packages.
+ package builds fine in mock (fedora-development-i386-core).


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