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Mon Sep 18 21:09:34 UTC 2006

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Summary: Review Request: compiz-quinn


------- Additional Comments From s.adam at diffingo.com  2006-09-18 17:09 EST -------
I'm not a reviewer but I can give a little help - In the Guidelines, rpmlint
errors must be fixed. This is the output of rpmlint on the SRPM you provided
above: (extra output enabled)

E: compiz-quinn description-line-too-long effects in window management, such as
a minimization effect and a cube workspace.
Your description lines must not exceed 79 characters. If a line is exceeding
this number, cut it to fit in two lines.

E: compiz-quinn description-line-too-long Compiz use EXT_texture_from_pixmap
OpenGL extension extension for binding redirected
Your description lines must not exceed 79 characters. If a line is exceeding
this number, cut it to fit in two lines.

W: compiz-quinn invalid-license X11/MIT/GPL
The value of the License tag is invalid.  Valid values are:
"Academic Free License", "Adaptive Public License", "Apache License", "Apache
Software License", "Apple Public Source License", "Artistic", "Attribution
Assurance License", "BSD", "Computer Associates Trusted Open Source License",
"CDDL", "CPL", "CUA Office Public License", "EU DataGrid Software License",
"Eclipse Public License", "Educational Community License", "Eiffel Forum
License", "Entessa Public License", "Fair License", "Frameworx License",
"GPL", "LGPL", "Historical Permission Notice and Disclaimer", "IBM Public
License", "Intel Open Source License", "Jabber Open Source License", "Lucent
Public License", "MIT", "CVW License", "Motosoto License", "MPL", "NASA Open
Source Agreement", "Naumen Public License", "Nethack General Public License",
"Nokia Open Source License", "OCLC Research Public License", "Open Group Test
Suite License", "Open Software License", "PHP License", "Python license",
"Python Software Foundation License", "QPL", "RealNetworks Public Source
License", "Reciprocal Public License", "Ricoh Source Code Public License",
"Sleepycat License", "Sun Industry Standards Source License", "Sun Public
License", "Sybase Open Watcom Public License", "University of Illinois/NCSA
Open Source License", "Vovida Software License", "W3C License", "wxWindows
Library License", "X.Net License", "Zope Public License", "zlib License",
"Design Public License", "GFDL", "LaTeX Project Public License", "OpenContent
License", "Open Publication License", "Public Domain", "Ruby License", "SIL
Open Font License", "Charityware", "Commercial", "Distributable", "Freeware",
"Non-distributable", "Proprietary", "Shareware".
If the license is close to an existing one, you can use '<license> style'.

error checking signature of compiz-quinn-0.0.13-1.fc5.src.rpm
W: compiz-quinn strange-permission gnome-compizrc 0755
A file that you listed to include in your package has strange
permissions. Usually, a file should have 0644 permissions.

E: compiz-quinn invalid-spec-name repo-compiz-quinn.spec
Your spec filename must end with '.spec'. If it's not the case, rename your
file and rebuild your package.

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