[Bug 173459] Review Request: initng

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Tue Sep 19 12:31:08 UTC 2006

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Summary: Review Request: initng


------- Additional Comments From che666 at gmail.com  2006-09-19 08:30 EST -------
summary of problems left i found:

1. suspend doesent work yet (no clue why)
2. squid daemon doesent shutdown properly (needs to be zapped)
3. if vga= kernel boot param is not set tty1 shows cyrillic letters at some 
point of bootup (no exact clue why)
4. selinux support works but in past versions i tried there was a problem with 
booting up if selinux is detected to be installed but disabled.

besides those small problems id really say its very useable at this point.

is there a chance to get it approved now?

it doesent break sysvinit and it can peacefully coexist.

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