[Bug 207761] Review Request: xpdf - A PDF file viewer for the X Window System

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Tue Sep 26 07:38:16 UTC 2006

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Summary: Review Request: xpdf - A PDF file viewer for the X Window System


------- Additional Comments From pertusus at free.fr  2006-09-26 03:38 EST -------
Thanks, Ralf for the explanation. In fact in the xpdf source there
is no licence file, only  a BSD copyright, so the clause cannot be
removed from the licence, but we can consider that it is not an issue.

* rpmlint is silent 
* package rightly named
* after removal of files with licence which seems GPL incompatible
  the package is covered by the GPL, included
* spec legible
* upstream source match
  - the following files match the upstrem source:
7b22f31289ce0812d2ec77014e7b0cdf  xpdf-cyrillic-2003-jun-28.tar.gz
96e058c1b0429ae1ba0b50f1784b0985  xpdf-thai-2002-jan-16.tar.gz
  - the following tarballs were checked manually using a diff
    against upsteam source to check that only files have been removed:
e53ec72546bb1a010fc2a2730f6d80f5  xpdf-3.01-novms.tar.gz
ba4b037ab691f8b029ec2b9820a2fb8c  xpdf-chinese-simplified-2004-jul-27-NOCMAP.tar.gz
697e7edc09a285115b597ab03f2eddf9  xpdf-chinese-traditional-2004-jul-27-NOCMAP.tar.gz
f759b1b9624c7364e5d5a1ab3d146597  xpdf-japanese-2004-jul-27-NOCMAP.tar.gz
276624cddd1b70c29a3ae03ddb20fb3a  xpdf-korean-2005-jul-07-NOCMAP.tar.gz
* compiles and run in devel
* BuildRequires look fine
* no library
* no translations
* directory owning is right
* %files section is right
* docs don't affect runtime
* desktop file correctly packaged

It's incredible, but it is 

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