[Bug 230560] Review Request: wqy-bitmap-fonts - a fine-tuned CJK bitmap font

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Sun Apr 8 00:20:03 UTC 2007

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Summary: Review Request: wqy-bitmap-fonts - a fine-tuned CJK bitmap font


------- Additional Comments From fangqq at gmail.com  2007-04-07 20:19 EST -------
hi Jens

thank you for your sponsorship. I am following the instructions on the "Join"
page, and got to the point "Install the Build-System Client Tools". My account
is FangQ, I added cvsextras group, and I may need you to approve my subscription.

by the way, I have three computers running different linux distros (FC6,
CentOS4.4 and Ubuntu6.10). Does the Plaque system only work for FC? or can be
any system running Python? I set up the .plague-client.cfg file and when I run
"plague-client list_builders", it showed some error msgs, I am not sure if this
is because I am not an approved user or the system problem.

For the font, the provided fontconfig file allows the synergy of this bitmap 
font with other existing vector fonts at specific font sizes, which is a highly
desired feature and make web page display very pleasing. I prefer to keep this
feature by adding the fontconfig dependence (the X-Core font system still use
this font in the old way).

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