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Summary: Merge Review: mdadm


------- Additional Comments From wolfy at nobugconsulting.ro  2007-04-11 12:25 EST -------
WRT smtpdaemon: please read this thread
The problem is not that all MTA alternatives that provide smtpdaemon also
provide a sendmail compatibility link but that mdadm really needs JUST that
compatibility link. We could say that by mere coincidence some packages which
provide /usr/sbin/sendmail also provide smtpdaemon. In my case, I have added
"Provides: smtpdaemon" to ssmtp ONLY to satisfy mdadm and mailx who do not
really need it [*]

/sbin: You are right, I apologize. I was thinking that %{_sbindir}= /sbin
Full review coming soon. First glance almost everything seems OK.

[*] Once this review is done I'll file bugs against all other versions of mdadm
(RHEL 3/4/5, FC5/6) to have Requires:smtpdaemon replaced.

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