[Bug 251071] Review Request: StatelessServer - Server for Stateless Clients

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Wed Aug 22 01:08:32 UTC 2007

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Summary: Review Request: StatelessServer - Server for Stateless Clients


------- Additional Comments From dlutter at redhat.com  2007-08-21 21:08 EST -------
Not a full review, but seeing such a large %post script makes me very
uncomfortable. For starters, what is going to happen when people update to a
newer version of the package (at least for lokkit, you append to its config file
every time) ... restarting services from %post is very bad, since it breaks
installing the package into buildroots (mock)

Please turn the %post script into a file that gets installed by the package and
has to be run manually. (You could of course turn this into a puppet manifest,
but having stateless-server manage itself through puppet seems a little too clever)

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