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Summary: Merge Review: cairo


------- Additional Comments From roozbeh at farsiweb.info  2007-02-03 22:10 EST -------
(In reply to comment #2)
> This is intentional and not error.  We are not providing libpixman in cairo. 
> Hiding it.  Anybody depending on libpixman is doomed.  But the only user was
> cairo.  So that's not a problem in reality.

What is the intended user experience here?
* What should happen if a user has libpixman and old cairo installed and then
  tries to update his box to a repository that contains the present version of
* What should happen if he only has libpixman and tries to install cairo from
  the same repository?
* What should happen if a user has a new cairo and then tries to install a
  libpixman RPM (using a .rpm file he found somewhere that was copied from
  rawhide once)?

Having answers for these three cases will help finding the best settings for the
Obsoletes lines.

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