[Bug 226391] Merge Review: scim-bridge

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Mon Feb 5 00:12:55 UTC 2007

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Summary: Merge Review: scim-bridge


------- Additional Comments From petersen at redhat.com  2007-02-04 19:12 EST -------
> W: scim-bridge spurious-executable-perm
> /usr/share/doc/scim-bridge-0.4.9/doc/icon/kasasagi.png
> W: scim-bridge spurious-executable-perm
> /usr/share/doc/scim-bridge-0.4.9/doc/icon/kasasagi.svg
> Might as well fix this.

Do you want to fix this in the next release, Dairiki-san?
Or is it easier I just override the permissions in the spec file?

> E: scim-bridge zero-length /usr/share/doc/scim-bridge-0.4.9/README
> This is not bad.

Removing in next build.  I'm pretty sure it was non-empty earlier.

> W: scim-bridge macro-in-%changelog _bindir
> This doesn't concern me, however you may want to just hardcode it so rpmlint
> stops complaining.

Thanks, fixed above two in cvs.

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