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Summary: Merge Review: file-roller


------- Additional Comments From caillon at redhat.com  2007-02-08 21:26 EST -------
#1. There are other packages where this is more frequent and might be more than
just a 1 character change, such as some sort of checksum in the path.  The
bottom line is that while there are patterns, they are impossible to script in
every case and is an IMO unnecessary requirement.

#2. When I get it from upstream which is about 75% of the time, it will
eventually land somewhere, but I don't always know what the URL will be. 
Sometimes I am forced to pull directly from CVS and this tarball will never be
posted publicly.  In the mozilla case, patching against the latest tarball is
wrong.  There are hundreds of patches between releases and to sort them out is
silly.  Shipping a megadiff is also wrong because it makes it harder to
maintain, and I'd like to avoid becoming Debian.

#3 Additionally, forcing an http URI which the current guidelines mandate is not
going to fly for packages which don't distribute tarballs, but are maintained in
a git repository and have people check them out by tag.

I would like to see all these items addressed and furthermore, I'd like to see
this changed from a required item to a recommended item.  There is no real
one-size-fits all here that I can tell.  Additionally, It has no impact on the
quality of the RPM or the testability.  Aiding reviewers is nice, but does not
impact the RPM itself, and they can always ask.  As far as doing automated
md5sum matching, it is also nice, but I personally have no issue verifying it
myself, as I do for all source tarballs before I do anything with them (even

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