[Bug 225680] Merge Review: desktop-backgrounds

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Tue Feb 13 09:25:37 UTC 2007

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Summary: Merge Review: desktop-backgrounds


------- Additional Comments From jspaleta at gmail.com  2007-02-13 04:25 EST -------
okay... instead of having a sidebar conversation in a bug ticket... it is time
to take this to the mailinglist for general discussion. Clearly there is a
difference of opinion. How about we spare the poor package maintainer the bloody
details of this, and move this to the fedora-extras-list for discussion. I
sincerely invite Mamoru Tasaka to start a thread on fedora-extras-list
concerning the matter. And I would encourage anyone with an opinion to
participate in the mailinglist discussion.  Doing a prolonged discussion in
here, is counter-productive.


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