[Bug 228434] Review Request: x2vnc - Dual screen hack for VNC

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Sun Feb 18 00:36:36 UTC 2007

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Summary: Review Request: x2vnc - Dual screen hack for VNC


------- Additional Comments From lxtnow at gmail.com  2007-02-17 19:36 EST -------
So, spec file:

* BuildRequires:

 - All BR must not be on the same line (max 76), vim is your friend...
 - There're some BR which're not necessary to be set ( such as "make",
"autoconf", "gcc" "and automake").
 - All others are not quite good, you must use -devel package (e.g libXext-devel).
 - xorg-x11-proto-devel is redundant as libX11-devel (which should be set
instead of libX11) is require by libXinerama-devel.
 - libX11-devel is redundant as libXinerama-devel requires libX11-devel.
 - check for some other BR too.

* Requires

 - You should really think about what x2vnc requires to be able to start and
work correctly.
 - According to me, x2vnc doesn't work alone.
 - Check this.

* %prep

 - the use of "cp -f x2vnc.man x2vnc.man.orig" is useless. You don't need to
create an save file.
 - Also the use of "mv -f new_man x2vnc.man" is useless.
 - Just use :
   iconv -f iso-8859-5 -t utf-8 x2vnc.man > x2vnc.man
   instead of
   iconv -f iso-8859-5 -t utf-8 x2vnc.man > new_man

* %build
 - sounds good.

* %install

 - The use of "mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT" is useless.
   Buildroot is already created by default.
 - You should add timestamp in your "make install" : INSTALL="install -p".

* %changelog

 - please add a DOT to "Initial packaging" sentence.

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