[Bug 220706] Review Request: linuxwacom-0.7.6_3-3.1.i386.rpm - with wacomcpl tool, man page

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Sun Feb 18 05:21:14 UTC 2007

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Summary: Review Request: linuxwacom-0.7.6_3-3.1.i386.rpm - with wacomcpl tool, man page


------- Additional Comments From marcel at meverhagen.nl  2007-02-18 00:21 EST -------
So the spec seems to work for the i386, but not for 64 bit.
Has anyone got the wacomcpl to run on 64 bit ? (self compiled or from a rpm orso)

It's hard to make it work on different distributions. There are a number of reasons:

- The wacomcpl is using the non standard tk/tcl libs. 
- The @configure macro messes up the compilation on i386. The resulting libs
with the ./configure creates different libs wich do work on i386
- The /dev/input/wacom symlink should be present or it will not work. (this is a
bug, since the event3 is always present, but renaming the 60-wacom.rules to
49-wacom.rules does the trick, it's a ugly hack but it works !)
- Another problem is that the wacomcpl-exec tool isn't compiled but it is a
precompiled executable. However this seems to be work in progress. I don't know
what development evirionment they use to compile it. But if this executable
fails this should backported to the linuxwacom mailing list. This is something
the linuxwacom developers should fix.
- The possible tool wich can be used to create and maintain the xorg.conf file
is work in progress. I recommend to wait with packinging until it has reached a
stable state. (why isn't there a gui for the xorg.conf anyway ?)
- I haven't got a clean system. Everything works but it a handicap when
packaging things wich should work on other pc.  

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