[Bug 221884] Review Request: pyBackPack (GTK+ Python backup tool)

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Sun Feb 18 11:00:37 UTC 2007

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Summary: Review Request: pyBackPack (GTK+ Python backup tool)


bjohnson at symetrix.com changed:

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------- Additional Comments From bjohnson at symetrix.com  2007-02-18 06:00 EST -------
It appears that this bug was /somewhat/ fixed, but perhaps not in the way I


It *is* much faster now, but when I exclude a directory like ~/xbuild, it still
walks the tree, even if I excluded that directory from the backup set.  Why? 
What use is that if we are not going to backup those files?

Also, if there are any unreadable files/directories, the backup will terminate.
 It should just continue, but with a warning that those files could not be
backed up.

Sun Feb 18 03:34:44 2007: Starting backup of 'home-terastation' to
Sun Feb 18 03:34:44 2007: Analysing backup source
Sun Feb 18 03:38:48 2007: Permissions/file missing problems on certain files:
Directory: /home/bjohnson/.lightscribe
Sun Feb 18 03:38:48 2007: Backup failed.

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