[Bug 229319] Review Request: dekorator - KDE window decoration engine

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Wed Feb 21 14:20:12 UTC 2007

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Summary: Review Request: dekorator - KDE window decoration engine


------- Additional Comments From faucamp at csir.co.za  2007-02-21 09:20 EST -------
New build:
Spec URL: http://www.snoekie.com/rpm/dekorator.spec
SRPM URL: http://www.snoekie.com/rpm/dekorator-0.3-3.src.rpm

- Added "Requires: kdebase" as this package is useless without kwin
- Install the "ugly" theme (moved it from %doc)
- Created "remove_theme_paths_button" patch to remove the config dialog's "set
theme paths" button
- Created "default_theme" patch to set a first-time default theme
- Fixed the Bushido-Yellow theme's masks to make it usable
- Install the "Bushido-Yellow" theme by default
- Added "dekorator.fedora" to %doc to explain why some extra themes are
- Created "config_help_tab" patch to make the config dialog use HTML help (and
fix some typos)

(In reply to comment #6)
I modified the masks for the Bushido-Yellow-theme to make it work properly, and
decided to include it. I did, however create the dekorator.fedora file detailing
the reason for this modification and why "K-Style: Infinity" was left out.

I have decided _not_ to drop the XHTML documentation and rather modified the
application to make use of it; it looks *much* better this way, especially
because of the use of tables instead of dodgy ascii art. Besides, we now have
the added advantage of being able to read the documentation without using
kcontrol. In addition, I added the 1/2 lines that were missing from it (which
were present in the text-only kcontrol module's original docs. This patch is
fairly portable; if the documentation file is not found, the application will
fall back to the original text... and yes, I fixed that typo :-) (#003). I also
fixed a typo on the "about" dialog.

Done. The engine now loads the "Default-theme" by default (even when the user
clicks on the "Defaults" button), and I've eliminated the "Set theme button"
completely - configuring the engine now feels much more like configuring a
"normal" kwin decoration.

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