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Summary: Merge Review: nc


------- Additional Comments From tibbs at math.uh.edu  2007-02-24 12:55 EST -------
Unfortunately the source thing is really problematic for me and I suspect many
others; it's pretty much completely antithetical to the goal of Fedora to track
upstream as much as possible.  Currently we have an unreproducible tarball and
17 patches that taken together are larger than the source itself.

I understand that it would be truly difficult to rebase all of these patches, so
I don't really know what should happen here.  Perhaps we need a few volunteers
to work on the problem.  Or perhaps switching to one of the forked upstream
projects would be better, especially if they support ipv6.  But I would be
really uncomfortable about putting my "approved" stamp on this package without
having some public discussion on the issue.

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