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Summary: Merge Review: privoxy


------- Additional Comments From paskalis at di.uoa.gr  2007-02-27 06:06 EST -------
OK, all of the issues I saw were addressed with one exception:

- The crash that can be seen with a dynamically linked pcre.  I have reformatted
the patch mentioned in comment #4 to apply in virgin 3.0.6 sources and attach it
here.  For reference see also 

Other things (informational only):

rpmlint is not silent but the things it complains about can be ignored
e.g. dozens of 
E: privoxy non-standard-uid /etc/privoxy privoxy
E: privoxy non-standard-gid /etc/privoxy privoxy

and a warning  
W: privoxy incoherent-subsys /etc/rc.d/init.d/privoxy $PRIVOXY_PRG
which can be ignored since the variable $PRIVOXY_PRG is defined to privoxy in
the init file.

Open bugs of the package are the bugs #193159, #198402, and #205011.  The first
is an init file issue replacing "kill -HUP" with "kill -s HUP" (I can't
reproduce the problem locally), the second is an (ongoing?) effort to add IPv6
support and the last one is a SELinux issue about writing in /etc/privoxy.

All of those are considered normal or low priority.

So, if the patch fixing dynamic pcre issues is applied, this package is approved.

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