[Bug 226795] Review Request: sdcc - Small Device C Compiler

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Tue Feb 27 21:06:29 UTC 2007

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Summary: Review Request: sdcc - Small Device C Compiler


------- Additional Comments From j.w.r.degoede at hhs.nl  2007-02-27 16:06 EST -------
Looks good,

A few last issues:
1) The changelog entry (and your last comment) about "Disable creation of 
   debuginfo package" is plain wrong. sdcc contains native binaries (the 
   compiler, linker et all). for which we want a debuginfo package, thus the
   debuginfo is a good thing. The problem was that it was an empty package.
   The changelog should read something like: "Disable stripping of binaries,
   so that we get a proper debuginfo package"
2) Remove the empty %doc from the "%files src"
3) The descripion of the -src subpackage is a bit vague, try explaning that
   these are the actual sources of the c-library for the devices and that these
   sources are meant for reference of how the c-library works.

Also I see that you need a sponsor, that is not a problem I can sponsor you, but
before doing that I would like todo one more package review with you, so can you
submit another package for review and post the bugzilla id here, then I'll reviw
it and assuming that goes well then sponsor you.

Ralf, do you agree with the modifications I've requested for the package? And
what do you think of the sdcc-src subpackage? Maybe sdcc-sources or
sdcc-libc-sources is better?

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