[Bug 222521] Review Request: IceWM - Lightweight Window Manager.

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Sat Jan 20 13:58:20 UTC 2007

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Summary: Review Request: IceWM -  Lightweight Window Manager.


------- Additional Comments From pertusus at free.fr  2007-01-20 08:58 EST -------
(In reply to comment #27)

> Either way, I'm pointing the menu and toolbar files to BlueCurve to reduce the
> dep-chain to redhat-artwork. (Which, AFAIK is installed by default)

That seems right to me.

> * Auto-generate menu:
> A simple solution will be to add an entry within menu that points to another
> file say, "auto-generated-menu-entry-do-not-edit".
> If the user wants to disable this script he can either:
> A. Delete the entry from his menu file.
> B. Create his own startup script that will over-ride the "default" one.

That's more or less how it is done for fluxbox. It seems to be right
to me. (in fluxbox the conf is directly copied into the user home
directory, I think that it is preferable to have the default shipped by
fedora in %_datadir/icewm. Also the whole menu is generated, not 
only an entry, but I modified it to have only an entry generated...).

> * A couple of simple question: (More of a user-opinion)
> - I'm thinking about adding xscreensaver to the dep chain.
> Autostart it using startup and add Ctrl+Alt+L to activate it.
> Do you see any problem with auto-starting xscreensaver by default?

I don't think this should be done unless it is done upstream.
There could be a comment in startup file, however to indicate 
something along

# to have a screensaver started automatically, install the
# xscreensaver package and uncomment the following line
# xscreensaver &

> - Second, I'm thinking about doing adding menu support to a couple of key
> system-config-xxx applets. (desktop, screensaver, mouse, sound, etc)

No, they should be brought in by pyxdg or similar, if it is not the
case it should be handled at that level, such that it is also right
in fluxbox, pekwm...

> - Third. How about adding xrdb -load ~/.Xdefaults by default?

Isn't that done by session startup scripts?
I have checked, it is done in 

> * Sat Jan 20 2007 <gilboad AT gmail DOT com> - 1.2.30-7
> - Fix source1 URL.

It is not completely right, since the file isn't there, if I recall well
there is no .py in the original url

Please remove the dot at the end of the -gnome Summary.

Seems like we're not far from being done. 

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