[Bug 219972] Review Request: poker-network - A poker server, client and abstract user interface library

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Mon Jan 22 02:35:40 UTC 2007

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Summary: Review Request: poker-network - A poker server, client and abstract user interface library
Alias: poker-network


------- Additional Comments From wart at kobold.org  2007-01-21 21:35 EST -------
* rpmlint output:
E: poker-network no-binary
  - poker-network is a library used by poker-server and others.  The
    lack of a binary is not an error.
E: poker-server non-readable /etc/poker-network/poker.server.xml 0600
  - This file contains passwords for the server.  It must have these
E: poker-network-debuginfo empty-debuginfo-package
  - This should go away once the package becomes noarch (see MUSTFIX)

* Source matches upstream
  18538c17d8ab9796bd6cda846076a398c5f152a0  poker-network-1.0.33.tar.gz
* package and spec file named appropriately
* GPL license ok, license file included
* spec file legible and in Am. English
* Compiles and builds on FC6-i386, FC6-x86_64, FC7-i386, FC7-x86_64.
  Fails to build on FC-5 due to missing python-twisted-web
* BR: look sane
* File contents look ok
* No locales (removed during install)
* No static or shared libs
* Not relocatable
* Directory ownership ok
* Duplicate license file in %files lists for subpackages, but I don't consider
  this a problem. 
* No need for -doc subpackage
* %doc doesn't appear to be needed at runtime.
* No .desktop file needed
* Packages run on FC7-i386 (other platforms/arch not tested)

* Upstream bug #1454 that will allow this to be a noarch package.
* Create a 'poker' user for running the server for better security
* /usr/share/doc/poker-network-1.0.33/NIHPHOBIA is cute, but not really
  necessary, is it?
* Don't use %{version} in the patch filenames.  The version in a patch
  filename is supposed to reflect the package version when the patch
  was first introduced, not the current package version.

* Add selinux policies to poker-server for better security
* Patch tests/Makefile.in and configure in poker-network-1.0.33-config.patch
  so that you don't have to call 'autoreconf' during %build.  Hopefully
  upstream will adopt this patch in a new release so that it becomes a
  moot point.
* Use %{_initrddir} instead of %{_sysconfdir}/init.d
* Use double quotes around the sed regsub pattern to avoid potential
  problems if %{python_sitelib} were to ever contain a space.

NOTES and Questions
* poker-network and poker2d (BZ #222612) use the same upstream source
  tarball, but different spec files.  My understanding is that this is
  so that poker-network can be marked as 'noarch', while poker2d will contain
  arch-specific bits.  As far as I am aware, there are no problems
  using the same source file for two different spec files, aside from
  duplication in the resulting srpm.
* Why does the package contain a x509 certificate for 'webmaster at localhost'?

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