[Bug 223633] Review Request: csync2 - A cluster synchronization tool

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Wed Jan 24 12:20:50 UTC 2007

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Summary: Review Request: csync2 - A cluster synchronization tool


------- Additional Comments From wolfy at nobugconsulting.ro  2007-01-24 07:20 EST -------
     I fully agree with clean patches, but for very small modifications I prefer
 one liners to separate patches. And since you could have done "s/default
on/default off; s/disable=no/disable=yes" one line would have been enough :)

     Serious stuff now:
In my case, the first attempt to run csync2 on FC6 (without editing
/etc/services) triggered this error:

Jan 24 03:27:18 wolfy Installed: xinetd.x86_64 2:2.3.14-8
Jan 24 03:27:19 wolfy Installed: csync2.x86_64 1.33-2.fc6
Jan 24 03:27:58 wolfy xinetd[19733]: Port not specified and can't find service:
csync2 with getservbyname
Jan 24 03:27:58 wolfy xinetd[19733]: xinetd Version 2.3.14 started with libwrap
loadavg labeled-networking options compiled in.
Jan 24 03:27:58 wolfy xinetd[19733]: Started working: 0 available services

     As of creating the certs, I'd include the relevant part of the Makefile 
rather then creating the certificates by default. Maybe because I generate ALL
certificates in only one place and transfer them wherever they are needed...

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