[Bug 218556] Review Request: ecryptfs-utils - Linux eCryptfs utilities

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Wed Jan 24 19:31:34 UTC 2007

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Summary: Review Request: ecryptfs-utils - Linux eCryptfs utilities


------- Additional Comments From mhalcrow at us.ibm.com  2007-01-24 14:31 EST -------
Kevin Fenzi wrote:
> ecryptfs_parse_options: Could not find key with description: [15194abfa1fef279]

It sounds like there is a problem getting the key into your user session
keyring. This seems to be becoming a more common problem recently. We are in the
process of updating the userspace tools to do some preliminary sanity checks of
the keyring before attempting to move forward with the mount. The failure
conditions could be more gracefully handled in the userspace mount helper too.

After you attempt a mount, what is the output of ``keyctl show''?

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