[Bug 222594] Review Request: seedit: SELinux Policy Editor

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Thu Jan 25 18:17:32 UTC 2007

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Summary: Review Request: seedit: SELinux Policy Editor


------- Additional Comments From mtasaka at ioa.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp  2007-01-25 13:17 EST -------
Well, for packaing issue:

* Requires:
  - gnome-python2 (required by -gui)
    Please check if this is really required. By checking with
    "grep import" no module seems to be installed from

* File ownership issue/scriptlet
  - - policy package:
if [ $1 = 2 ]; then
        #Mark to initialize RBAC config when upgrade
        touch /usr/share/seedit/sepolicy/need-rbac-init
[root at localhost ~]# touch /usr/share/seedit/sepolicy/need-rbac-init
[root at localhost ~]# LANG=C rpm -qf /usr/share/seedit/sepolicy/need-rbac-init
file /usr/share/seedit/sepolicy/need-rbac-init is not owned by any package
    This file (and perhaps also /usr/share/seedit/sepolicy/need-init)
    should be marked as %ghost file

    And please check if any other file which should be marked
    as such exists so that all _unnessary_ files are correctly
    removed on the complete removal of seedit.

* Version dependency requirement
Requires: seedit >= 2.1.0
  - Usually these types of requirement should be version-release
    dependent, i.e.
Requires: %{name} = %{version}-%{release}

* Desktop file:
  Both categories: "Application" "X-Red-Hat-Base" "SystemSetup"
  are now deprecated and these should be removed.

  From desktop-file-validate:
Categories values must be one of 
"AudioVideo", "Audio", "Video", "Development", "Education", 
"Game", "Graphics", "Network", "Office", "Settings", 
"System", "Utility", "Building", "Debugger", "IDE", 
"GUIDesigner", "Profiling", "RevisionControl", "Translation", 
"Calendar", "ContactManagement", "Database", "Dictionary",
"Chart", "Email", "Finance", "FlowChart", "PDA", 
"ProjectManagement", "Presentation", "Spreadsheet", "WordProcessor",
"2DGraphics", "VectorGraphics", "RasterGraphics", "3DGraphics", 
"Scanning", "OCR", "Photography", "Viewer", "DesktopSettings", 
"HardwareSettings", "PackageManager", "Dialup", "InstantMessaging", 
"IRCClient", "FileTransfer", "HamRadio", "News", "P2P", 
"RemoteAccess", "Telephony", "WebBrowser", "WebDevelopment", 
"Midi", "Mixer", "Sequencer", "Tuner", "TV", "AudioVideoEditing", 
"Player", "Recorder", "DiscBurning", "ActionGame", "AdventureGame", 
"ArcadeGame", "BoardGame", "BlocksGame", "CardGame", "KidsGame", 
"LogicGame", "RolePlaying", "Simulation", "SportsGame", 
"StrategyGame", "Art", "Construction", "Music", "Languages", 
"Science", "Astronomy", "Biology", "Chemistry", "Geology", "Math", 
"MedicalSoftware", "Physics", "Amusement", "Archiving", 
"Electronics", "Emulator", "Engineering", "FileManager", 
"TerminalEmulator", "Filesystem", "Monitor", "Security", 
"Accessibility", "Calculator", "Clock", "TextEditor", "Core", 
"KDE", "GNOME", "GTK", "Qt", "Motif", "Java", "ConsoleOnly", 
"Screensaver", "TrayIcon", "Applet", "Shell"

* Timestamps
  - These packages include many text files, image files
    and keeping timestamps on these files are generally 
    preferred. Please fix so that the timestamps on these
    files are kept.

install -m 0644 %{SOURCE2} ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}%{_datadir}/pixmaps/seedit-gui.png
    Also, please use "install -p".

* Macros
%define selinuxconf /etc/selinux/config
%define auditrules /etc/audit/audit.rules
  Please check if the directory /etc should be written
  as hardcoded or as %{_sysconfdir}.

* Pam requirement
  %{_sysconfdir}/pam.d/seedit-gui includes:
auth            include         config-util
  This sentence requires pam >= 0.80 so I think
  adding "Requires: pam >= 0.80" is preferable.

* $RPM_BUILD_ROOT vs %{buildroot}
  Please use one, not both.

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