[Bug 224365] Review Request: cdrkit - cdrtools replacement

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Fri Jan 26 18:32:15 UTC 2007

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Summary: Review Request: cdrkit - cdrtools replacement


------- Additional Comments From tibbs at math.uh.edu  2007-01-26 13:32 EST -------
This fails to build for me:

CMake Error: Error: found a Linux system but no libcap header. Install libcap-dev.

Adding BuildRequires: libcap-devel gets me past that, but then the build fails

[ 70%] Building C object genisoimage/CMakeFiles/genisoimage.dir/jte.o
/builddir/build/BUILD/cdrkit-1.1.2/genisoimage/jte.c:18:18: error: zlib.h: No
such file or directory
/builddir/build/BUILD/cdrkit-1.1.2/genisoimage/jte.c: In function
/builddir/build/BUILD/cdrkit-1.1.2/genisoimage/jte.c:581: error: 'z_stream'
undeclared (first use in this function)

Adding BR: zlib-devel gets through that and allows the build to complete.

The resulting packages don't install properly:

Error: Missing Dependency: /usr/local/bin/perl is needed by package icedax
Error: Missing Dependency: perl(v5.8.1) is needed by package genisoimage

Some rpmlint complaints:

W: cdrkit summary-ended-with-dot A collection of CD/DVD utilities.
W: genisoimage summary-ended-with-dot Creates an image of an ISO9660 filesystem.
W: wodim summary-ended-with-dot A command line CD/DVD recording program.
W: icedax summary-ended-with-dot A utility for sampling/copying .wav files from
digital audio CDs.
   Best for summaries to not end with dots.

E: icedax invalid-dependency /usr/local/bin/perl
E: icedax wrong-script-interpreter
/usr/share/doc/icedax-1.1.2/icedax/tracknames.pl "/usr/local/bin/perl"
W: icedax doc-file-dependency /usr/share/doc/icedax-1.1.2/icedax/tracknames.pl
W: icedax doc-file-dependency /usr/share/doc/icedax-1.1.2/icedax/tracknames.pl
W: icedax doc-file-dependency /usr/share/doc/icedax-1.1.2/icedax/tracknames.pl
W: icedax doc-file-dependency /usr/share/doc/icedax-1.1.2/icedax/tracknames.pl
W: icedax doc-file-dependency /usr/share/doc/icedax-1.1.2/icedax/tracknames.pl
   These are all related.  Basically, documentation should not be executable,
and examples in documentation shouldn't pull in dependencies (which they won't
if they're not executable).  If you want to be nice, you can fix up the
/usr/local/bin/perl bits.

W: cdrkit unversioned-explicit-provides dvdrecord
W: cdrkit unversioned-explicit-obsoletes cdrecord
W: cdrkit unversioned-explicit-provides cdrecord
W: cdrkit unversioned-explicit-obsoletes cdrecord-mkisofs
W: cdrkit unversioned-explicit-provides cdrecord-mkisofs
W: cdrkit unversioned-explicit-obsoletes mkisofs
W: cdrkit unversioned-explicit-provides mkisofs
W: cdrkit unversioned-explicit-obsoletes cdrecord-cdda2wav
W: cdrkit unversioned-explicit-provides cdrecord-cdda2wav
W: cdrkit unversioned-explicit-obsoletes cdda2wav
W: cdrkit unversioned-explicit-provides cdda2wav
   These really shouldn't be unversioned; we can't predict what will happen in
the future with these package.  So it's best to obsolete cdrecord <= current
version and provide cdrecord = current version + epsilon.

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