[Bug 222521] Review Request: IceWM - Lightweight Window Manager.

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Mon Jan 29 13:32:22 UTC 2007

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Summary: Review Request: IceWM -  Lightweight Window Manager.


------- Additional Comments From pertusus at free.fr  2007-01-29 08:32 EST -------
Your argument about having separate xdgmenu subpackage seems
relevant to me.

[ -f ~/.Xdefaults ] && xrdb -load ~/.Xdefaults
should be handled by the session opening. This doesn't belong
here. I showed above that this should be handled in xinit and
gdm, if it isn't then you should fill a bug against the relevant
package, not try to workaround it.

Also I think it would be better to have the startup file in 
the main package, but it wouldn't do anything interesting 
if icewm-xdg-menu isn't installed. It could be generated at
%install time, like

cat > %{buildroot}%{_datadir}/icewm/startup <<EOF
[ ! -d ~/.icewm ] && mkdir ~/.icewm
if [ -x %{_bindir}/icewm-xdg-menu ]; then
  %{_bindir}/icewm-xdg-menu --entire-menu --with-theme-paths --icon-size 16
--theme Bluecurve > ~/.icewm/programs.autogen

chmod 0755 %{buildroot}%{_datadir}/icewm/startup

Also you should use consistently %{buildroot} or $RPM_BUILD_ROOT.

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