[Bug 237338] Review Request: perl-Net-DNS-SEC -- Perl support for DNSSEC

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Tue Jul 10 04:39:21 UTC 2007

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Summary: Review Request:  perl-Net-DNS-SEC -- Perl support for DNSSEC
Alias: perl-Net-DNS-SEC


------- Additional Comments From wjhns174 at hardakers.net  2007-07-10 00:39 EST -------
Welcome to the new world.  They're available on Koji due to a special tag (I
know because I had to request them).  They're also published in -testing, so you
should be able to grab the rpms from testing or enable the testing repository
within mock to get it to build.  They've only just been published, so I've been
trying to be polite and wait 2 weeks before rolling to stable.  (and actually,
you using them for this from testing would provide some positive feedback on the
fact they work ;-)

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