[Bug 245708] Review Request: scsi-target-utils - SCSI target daemon and tools

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Tue Jul 10 17:24:37 UTC 2007

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Summary: Review Request: scsi-target-utils  - SCSI target daemon and tools


------- Additional Comments From mchristi at redhat.com  2007-07-10 13:24 EST -------

Here is update spec and rpm with pretty much all the comments handled. Here are
the ones I was not sure of or did not apply or I am working on upstream:

1. GPL file. I guess this one is not required since upstream does not have a
licensne file (all the source files have proper headers though), but I am
working on getting a license file added to upstream package.

2. W: scsi-target-utils incoherent-init-script-name tgtd
I could not figure this one out.

3. doesn't have a reload entry (if it's possible).
This does not apply right now. We do not have any values which would be reloaded
at this time.

4. Xen Support not being built.
This pacakge should be usable with Xen in domU or dom0. However, I am not sure
how to do get it build in. Ok, I am not even sure what that means :) Is this
asking me to set some sort of Arch flag in the spec file so it gets built into
some sort of xen arch? This is an all userspace code package, so I was thinking
it would not need anything special. You should be able to install the rpm into
any dom and off you go.

5. Naming. The iscsi-initiator-utils naming for iscsi tools and daemon was done
before I started, so like I said in comment #7 I kept the same style for the
scsi target tools not knowing if this was the preferred scheme or if the person
that named iscsi-initiator-utils was on drugs :) If my guess was wrong and you
want me to change the package name to just be "tgt" like upstream, let me know
and I will reroll.


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