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Fri Jul 27 16:27:01 UTC 2007

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Summary: PolicyKit package review


------- Additional Comments From davidz at redhat.com  2007-07-27 12:26 EST -------
(In reply to comment #6)
> Some of the earlier comments still apply:
> - Shouldn't have to BR both dbus-glib-devel and dbus-glib. Isn't one requiring
>   the other anyway ?


> - -devel package needs to require pkgconfig 


> - -docs package needs to require gtk-doc

Fixed (with a vengeful comment).

> - must require pam, for /etc/pam.d


> - must own /etc/PolicyKit, /usr/lib/PolicyKit, /usr/lib/PolicyKit/modules

Fixed. The latter does not exist anymore FWIW.

> - %post and %postun should just do -p /sbin/ldconfig if thats all they do

Gee. Fixed, anyway.

> - The errors about permissions should probably be handled
>   by adding a comment explaining why these permissions are necessary

I've added a comment that this is explained in the upstream design docs.

Will attach new spec file.

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