[Bug 212984] Review Request: hunspell-ar - Arabic word list/dictionaries for OpenOffice

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Wed Jun 6 19:58:02 UTC 2007

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Summary: Review Request: hunspell-ar  - Arabic word list/dictionaries for OpenOffice


------- Additional Comments From danken at cs.technion.ac.il  2007-06-06 15:57 EST -------
Beautifully (but note that save few words, I cannot really understand Arabic).

Few notes: 
the sample src.rpm is based on a buggy spec file; the spec of attachement 156383
is fine.

It would be nice if IGNORE could be used to ignore Arabic diacritics (and I'd
say, Latin letters). I believe that the IGNORE directive was added for that
reason, but I failed to use it correctly when you told me about it.

Please remind me (not that it really matters): what in buckwalter encoding
cannot be expressed in iso-8859-6? does it actually appear in the lexicon?

Your choice of ar_LB instead of ar_EG amuses me slightly... But I won't enter
the minefield of Arab politics. As a command-line user, I'd vote for having a
simple ar.dic. But it does not really matter that much.

Does it all "just work" within OO? I cannot really check, having an old OO version.

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