[Bug 236521] Review Request: nspluginwrapper - A compatibility layer for Mozilla/Firefox plugins

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Mon Jun 11 17:08:44 UTC 2007

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Summary: Review Request: nspluginwrapper - A compatibility layer for Mozilla/Firefox plugins
Alias: nspluginwrapper


------- Additional Comments From caillon at redhat.com  2007-06-11 13:08 EST -------
Quite honestly, upstream's build system design is broken.  It meets a specific
feature goal but does so outside of the constraints of rpm: shipping/building
32bit stuff in a 64bit rpm is plain broken.  You'd effectively force an install
of 64bit firefox to install 32 bit userspace since the idea is to make firefox
Require this for plugins.  Shipping things which interact with firefox in a
broken way is a quick way to make my life hard and to upset upstream.  Either we
fix it, or we don't allow it in our repo, and I go through lengths to ensure
that firefox will conflict with a broken package as I am well within rights to
do as I have to maintain both our Firefox package and our relationship with

Additionally, plugins out of process provides a benefit of not crashing the
browser when the plugin crashes and we can improve our security defenses with
SELinux being able to sandbox them into a different context.  Those two reasons
alone make it worth doing for every arch combination we support.  This includes,
e.g. i386 on i386.

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