[Bug 245826] Review Request: pida - A Python IDE written in Python and GTK

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Thu Jun 28 12:03:14 UTC 2007

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Summary: Review Request: pida - A Python IDE written in Python and GTK


tyler.l.owen at gmail.com changed:

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                 CC|                            |tyler.l.owen at gmail.com

------- Additional Comments From tyler.l.owen at gmail.com  2007-06-28 08:03 EST -------

This is not an official review as I am not sponsored yet.

* Fails to build in mock (b/c of below point)
* Missing BuildRequires dependency on desktop-file-utils
* BuildRequires are redundant
* Not sure about the use of X-Fedora in the desktop file and during the
installation of the file (--add-category X-Fedora)


 FIX - Mock : Built on F-7 (x86)
 OK - Package meets naming and packaging guidelines
 OK - Spec file matches base package name.
 OK - Spec has consistant macro usage.
 FIX - Meets Packaging Guidelines.
        Doesn't build
 OK - License field in spec matches
 OK - License is GPL
 OK - License match packaging policy licenses allowed
 OK - License file is included in package
 OK - Spec in American English
 OK - Spec is legible.
 OK - Sources SHOULD match upstream md5sum:
462542ce70b47d16a019b403b741a411  pida-0.4.4.tar.gz
462542ce70b47d16a019b403b741a411  pida-0.4.4.tar.gz.1
 OK - Package has correct buildroot.
 FIX - BuildRequires are not redundant.
        python-setuptools requires python-devel, so no need to specify python-devel
 ?  - %build and %install stages are correct and work.
        didn't build
 OK - Package has %defattr and permissions on files is good.
 OK - Package has a correct %clean section.
 OK - Package is code or permissible content.
 OK - Packages %doc files don't affect runtime.
 OK - No large doc files not in a -doc package
 OK - Package has no duplicate files in %files.
 OK - Package doesn't own any directories that other packages own.
 OK - Changelog section is correct. 
 NA - Does not contain any .la libtool archives
 ? - .desktop file installed correctly
        Installed correctly, but I am not sure about the use of X-Fedora and
adding the X-Fedora category

 FIX - Should function as described.
        Does not build in mock because of missing dep
 OK - Should package latest version

Rpmlint output:
* silent on srpm 

?  main rpm
        RPM did not build in mock

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