[Bug 226292] Merge Review: perl-XML-Twig

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Thu Jun 28 16:08:08 UTC 2007

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Summary: Merge Review: perl-XML-Twig
Alias: perl-XML-Twig


------- Additional Comments From jpo at di.uminho.pt  2007-06-28 12:08 EST -------
perl-XML-Twig-3.29-2.fc8 build log:


Now it makes sense to add the missing build requirements (modules
mentioned in the test suite output).


perl: 5.008008
OS: linux - i686-linux
XML::Parser              :             2.34 (required)
expat                    :           1.95.8 (required)
Scalar::Util             :             1.18 (for improved memory management)
Encode                   :             2.12 (for encoding conversions)
LWP                      :            5.805 (for the parseurl method)
HTML::Entities           :             1.35 (for the html_encode filter)
Tie::IxHash              :  <not available> (for the keep_atts_order option)
XML::XPathEngine         :  <not available> (to use XML::Twig::XPath)
XML::XPath               :  <not available> (to use XML::Twig::XPath if
Tree::XPathEngine not available)
HTML::TreeBuilder        :  <not available> (to use parse_html and parsefile_html)
Text::Wrap               :      2005.082401 (to use the "wrapped" option for
Test                     :             1.25 (for testing purposes)
Test::Pod                :  <not available> (for testing purposes)
XML::Simple              :  <not available> (for testing purposes)
XML::Handler::YAWriter   :  <not available> (for testing purposes)
XML::SAX::Writer         :  <not available> (for testing purposes)
XML::Filter::BufferText  :  <not available> (for testing purposes)
IO::Scalar               :  <not available> (for testing purposes)

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