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Summary: Merge Review: a2ps


------- Additional Comments From pertusus at free.fr  2007-03-04 16:27 EST -------
In my opinion the autotools issue is a must fix, particularly
since I did a patch.

E: a2ps file-in-usr-marked-as-conffile /usr/share/a2ps/afm/fonts.map
it is clearly wrong in my opinion. There are many ways to override
the defaults. Moreover there is no reason to have that file as %config,
and not, say, encoding.map.

In my opinion what should be done would be to add, in
a2ps-4.13-etc.patch,  $(sysconfdir)/$(PACKAGE) on the
libpath line, in etc/Makefile.in and etc/Makefile.am.
and add %dir %{_sysconfdir}/a2ps to %files.

I can do a patch if desired (and after the auto* issue is solved)

Other issues:

gzip %{buildroot}%{_infodir}/* || :
  is unneeded

* %{_sysconfdir}/a2ps.cfg shouldn't be (noreplace) and I even think
that it shouldn't be %config at all.

* missing BuildRequires psutils, gv, tetex-dvips, makeinfo,
Missing Requires ImageMagick, texinfo-tex, gv, gzip,
  bzip2,  groff-perl, tetex-dvips, tetex-latex, tetex-fonts

* for consistency use the info scriptlets from 
and also remove the .gz.

* use %defattr(-,root,root,-)

* use sed instead of perl for simple substitution

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